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Office of Student Activities

  • Advertising Opportunities

    The Office of Student Activities has a variety of resources that can help student organizations advertise their events and activities. If your student organization is looking for new ideas, exciting innovation, or searching for creative inspiration, take advantage of the opportunities the Office of Student Activities has to offer. In addition to the banners, Listservs, mailbox stuffers, and events calendar, please take a moment to visit our Facebook page where you can post meeting and event information that your organization would like to advertise.

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  • Banners

    Organizations may use the Die Cut Machine, Texas Markers and banner paper to create promotional banners in the Activities Resource Center, CMU 225. All banners need to be approved by the CMU Administration Office prior to display. Horizontal banners and posters shall be no larger than 3’ x 7’. Vertical banners and posters shall be no larger than 5’ x 3’. There is a limit of one banner per event regardless of the number of sponsoring organizations. Banners and posters may only be placed on the railings above the Main Lounge. All banners and posters must be in good taste and will be removed by the Student Union and Activities staff within 24 hours after the event. 

    Comstock Memorial Union Opportunities 

    Bulletin Boards

    All fliers/posters need to be approved and stamped by the CMU Administration Office prior to display. There is a limit of 2 posters/fliers per event regardless of the number of sponsoring organizations. All posters/fliers must be in good taste and posted on the designated bulletin boards in the CMU. Posters/fliers will be removed by the Student Union and Activities staff within 24 hours after the event. 

    Main Lounge Tables

    Information and promotion tables are available in the CMU Main Lounge. Reservations may be made through the CMU Administration Office. Recognized organizations on campus will be permitted to sell items that are not in competition with merchandise on sale in the CMU. No sales will be for personal profit. Student organizations selling trips in the CMU will be charged a flat rate per week. This same fee applies to rentals of less than a week.  

    Digital Signage 

    MSUM is pleased to offer a digital way to share your organization’s next event. Please remember that your digital ad should be about an event (e.g. a dance, fundraiser, recruitment event, etc.) and not simply an advertisement for your organization.

    Location # of
    Dimensions Submission Contact


    Comstock Memorial Union 6

    1280 x 720 pixels
    (72 dpi)

    Marketing & Communications
    Dragon Café Seating 3
    Nemzek 1
    Science Lab 1
    King/Owens Hallway 1
    Outside Academic Support Center 1

    Student organizations and MSUM departments are invited to submit information for special events happening on-campus for posting up to two weeks before the event. Space is limited and available on a first come first-served basis. Advertisements can be created by you and submitted to the submission contact listed above. Make sure to include important information like you organization/department name, event name, date/time/location of event and any additional text (i.e. Free iPad giveaway). Don’t overcrowd the advertisement. Think of it as a billboard-type advertisement. Use bold fonts and contrasting backgrounds to make the sign easier to read. Less information is more. Also, QR codes tend not to work well on digital signs, so we don’t recommend using them

    Dragon Digest

    Dragon Digest - This public list provides general information to the campus, primarily targeting faculty and staff. All faculty and staff are put on the list, but they can choose to unsubscribe. Students may choose to subscribe to Dragon Digest. To send information out using Dragon Digest, fill out this submission form.

    Student News - Student News is a daily email sent between 8:30am and 10am, Monday through Friday to the MSUM student body. The email includes news and events. Submit to Student News by using this submission form. Be sure to check the Student News box. Submissions need to be submitted prior to 8am in order to be posted in that morning's email.

    Email Listservs 

    The Office of Student Activities manages two listservs related to student organizations. One listserv is for student organization officers. The other listserv is for student organization advisors. All registered student organization officers and advisors will be automatically added to their respective listserv. If you are not an organization officer or advisor and would like to be added to the listserv, please e-mail osa@mnstate.edu.

    These listservs provide an opportunity for organizations to network with one another, share upcoming events, volunteer opportunities in the community, and for the Office of Student Activities to communicate important news and deadlines.

    Mailbox Stuffers

    Every recognized student organization receives a mailbox in the OSA. These mailboxes should be checked frequently, as important information from the OSA and MSU Moorhead is dispersed in this way. If you would like to place advertisements in the mailbox, please have them approved at the OSA front desk. There are approximately 140 student organization mailboxes. 

    Dining Services Table Tents and Window Painting

    MSUM Dining Services has opportunities for student organizations to advertise their organization or event through the Napkin Dispensers in Kise Commons and Union City and window painting on the Kise windows. For more information related to MSUM Dining Services policies and their request procedure, please see the documents below:

    For more information or questions, please go to the MSUM Dining Services Office next to the entrance to Kise Commons or call 218-477-2836.