• Technical Transfer Programs

Operations Management

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  • Top 10 Transfer Programs

    If you've obtained your two-year Diploma, A.S. or A.A.S. technical degree, you're already halfway to a four-year B.S. degree (not all Diploma, AS, or AAS degrees will qualify; see http://www.minnesotatransfer.org/educators/transfer/e_artagreements.php or contact the MSUM Admissions Office at admissions@mnstate.edu to learn if yours does).

    1. Manufacturing Technology
    2. Robotics
    3. Machine and Tools
    4. HVAC
    5. Architectural Drafting and Design
    6. Computer Information Technology and other Computer type degrees
    7. Mechanical Drafting and Design
    8. Electrical / Electronics
    9. Engineering CAD Technology / Civil Engineering
    10. Energy Degrees (Wind, etc.)

    In addition to the top ten, there are more than 500 technical two-year programs that are a good fit for the Operations Management completer degree.