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Operations Management

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  • Internship Benefits

    Employer Benefits and Opportunities

    • Employers receive the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with the University, creating a link between the classroom and business community. This relationship can potentially enhance company profiles.
    • Employers have access to students who are hard-working, ambitious, highly motivated, and have exceptional skills. They provide innovative ideas, robust solutions, and supportive enthusiasm to the company.
    • Employers are provided opportunities of recruitment for permanent employment, permitting reduced recruiting costs.
    • Employers receive an opportunity to utilize internship students as an integral element of strategic practices, possibly, enabling the employer to improve quality, production, and exceed business goals.


    Benefits to Student

    • Developing professional skills in teamwork, time management and interpersonal communication.
    • Gaining insight into the business field and narrowing a career path.
    • Integrating knowledge absorbed in the classroom with a growing understanding of the work environment.
    • Building professional networking contacts and mentoring relationships.
    • Acquiring experience and skills to enhance personal growth and self-confidence.
    • Sharing real-world experiences with other students.
    • Growing into a viable, marketable job applicant prior to seeking full-time employment.