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Operations Management

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  • About Operations Management

    The 2+2 Operations Management degree prepares technical and/or technical management-oriented professionals for employment in business, industry, education, and government. The curriculum offers courses in methods, production inventory management, cost, computer applications, quality planning, leadership, management, project management and occupational safety and health. These courses give you the training you need to move into management and senior leadership positions.

    Professional Management Department Mission Statement

    The mission of the Professional Management Department is to provide quality education in Construction Management, Operations Management fulfilling the needs of the students and the businesses that hire Department of Technology graduates plus the educational institutions that accept program transfers.

    (The department mission statement was approved at January 2011 Departmental Meeting).

    Professional Management Department Vision Statement

    Strive to be the regional top educational provider by offering accredited programs in Construction Management BS degree and Operations Management BS degree.

    (The department vision statement was approved at January 2011 Departmental Meeting).

    Operations Management Mission Statement

    Operations Management 2+2 program offers a rigorous, student centered education for technical students, resulting in moderate growth for the program, solid funding sources, and fulfilling and life long careers in a broad spectrum of Operations Management roles.

    The Operations Management Mission Statement is four-fold:

    • To maintain a nationally accredited operations management program, which will produce graduates who will have the technical, managerial and general knowledge necessary to enter and advance professionally in the industry.
    • Provide an environment, which encourages students and faculty to engage in professional development, critical thinking, and creative endeavors.
    • Create a marketing /recruiting process that fosters relationships with 2 year schools and industry and results in moderate program growth
    • Foster an innovative approach to teaching online, off campus, and on campus that attracts internal and external funding, high student satisfaction, and faculty engagement


    In today's competitive job market, sometimes it's not enough just to have a four-year degree. Having a four-year degree from an accredited University can mean the difference between landing the career you want and continually being passed over for other candidates.

    Being an ATMAE (The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering) Accredited Bachelor's Program:

    • Certifies quality and denotes high academic standards to students, parents and future employers that cannot be evaluated in any other way.
    • Identifies the program as having met rigid standards, not only in curriculum, but also in faculty knowledge and faculty experience in the industrial field.
    • Requires that the program curriculum be current and have high standards, including all of the essential elements, and maintain a competitive edge, so graduates can find employment compatible with their abilities and the demands of industry.
    • Guarantees the acceptability of our students' undergraduate education as a basis for advanced study.

    Operations Management Strategic Priorities

    • Goal #1: Increase industry involvement with OM students and program faculty
    • Goal #2: Continue to build internship processes and special class projects
    • Goal #3: Engage OM faculty and students in cross-campus activities and improve OM advisor stability
    • Goal #4: Enhance academic excellence and growth in program and services