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  • Student Right-to-Know

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  • Student Right-To-Know

    Student Right-To-Know is a federal law that requires all colleges and universities to disclose certain information to students. This handout provides the information that a university must provide to students on graduation rates and transfer-out rates for full-time students seeking degrees at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM).

    What is a graduation rate and what is a transfer-out rate?

    Federal regulations specify how to calculate the graduation and transfer rates. The rates come from a study of MSUM students who started at the university in the fall of 2011. The study includes all first-time students who enrolled full-time that fall and were seeking to earn a degree at the university. The graduation rate is the percentage of these students who graduated from MSUM within six years. The transfer-out rate is the percentage of these students who did not graduate from MSUM, but instead transferred to another college or university within six years.

    What do I need to know about these rates?

    These rates do not report on all students at Minnesota State University Moorhead. The 1,073 first-time, full-time students in the study were 16 percent of all undergraduate students enrolled in fall of 2011.

    What are the graduation and transfer-out rates for Minnesota State University Moorhead students and how do they compare to rates for other universities?

    • The graduation rate for MSUM was 46 percent.
    • The transfer-out rate for MSUM was 34 percent.
    • The combination of the graduation rate and the transfer-out rate was 80 percent. The national average combined rate for similar universities was 73 percent.

    Why don’t more Minnesota State University Moorhead students graduate or transfer in six years?

    • Some students take jobs before they graduate;
    • Students who switch from full-time to part-time enrollment or “stop out” for one or more semesters are more likely to take more than six years to graduate;
    • Other students delay their education for personal, family or financial reasons.


    Disaggregated Student Right-to-Know Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

    Minnesota State University Moorhead Graduation Rate Transfer-Out Rate Combined Rate
    Total Cohort 46% 34% 80%
    Race Ethnicity
    American Indian or Alaska Native * * *
    Asian * * *
    Black or African American * * *
    Hispanic of any race 43% 39% 82%
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander * * *
    Nonresident Alien 48% 10% 57%
    Two or more races 32% 35% 68%
    Unknown race and ethnicity 58% 18% 76%
    White 47% 35% 82%
    Female 54% 34% 87%
    Male 35% 34% 68%
    Financial Aid
    Pell Grant Recipient 41% 38% 79%
    Received neither Pell nor Subsidized Stafford Loans 49% 32% 81%
    Received Subsidized Stafford Loans, but no Pell 50% 30% 80%

    * Suppressed to protect student privacy.

    Due to rounding, percentages may not always appear to add up.