Nursing RN to BSN Admitted Student Requirements

  • Upon admission to the RN-BSN program, new students will receive information about required documentation of immunizations and other screenings, CPR, background checks, etc prior to program start.

    Frequently Ask Questions about the RN-BSN Program

  • The RN-BSN student handbook is your guide to the program processes and your success. Students are accountable for familiarizing themselves with that latest Handbook version contents and for compliance with the policies and procedures within the Handbook.

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    To comply with Minnesota, federal, and agency requirements for MSUM’s RN-BSN students, all students must verify all program requirements (listed below) before program start. Thereafter, some requirements will need re-verification, depending on how long your program of study lasts. Also, some agencies may add requirements beyond what are current below; in such case students would need to comply with the added clinical site requirement(s).

    The list of requirements follows, and is on the RN-BSN Program website and in the RN-BSN Student Handbook. To remain program compliant, it is absolutely the student’s responsibility to remain current with verifications listed below. Students who are non-compliant face risk of program dismissal.

    WHERE to Upload Required Verifications

    Students in the RN-BSN program are required to submit (or complete) all verifications to an electronic repository, CastleBranch®. Within CastleBranch®, students are required to establish an account which provides a secure location to upload, track, monitor, and house all program verifications.

    Upon acceptance to the program, RN-BSN students will receive an email outlining the (below) process to get started in CastleBranch® (CB). To get started:

    1. The cost for you to complete the verification on your CB account will be a one-time fee of $97.
    2. Place your order and create your account visit
    3. Begin by clicking “Place Order” then under “Please Select,” choose Nursing > Undergraduate.
    4. Then, in Nursing Undergraduate, place an order for the MQ12 package (top option, “I am a new student...,” etc.
    5. If you have any issues with this phase, first call the CastleBranch service personnel for assistance @ 888.723.4263 or see
    6. If you need additional support, contact the nursing office or assistants at or 218.477.2693.
    7. Once you have created your account and purchased your package, you can complete the requirements listed below.


    Clinical Requirements Acceptable Verification When Due
    1. MQ 12 eLearning: HIPAA Training

    Within CastleBranch® under the MQ12 e-learning tracker, students complete HIPAA Training (Overview 2013).

    on admission

    1. Minnesota DHS NETStudy (background check)

    By MN law, through the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), all nursing students must submit a specific Minnesota DHS NETStudy (background) on admission and annually. You get instructions for completing your DHS study in email after admission to the program (if questions, please email for further information).

    The Minnesota DHS NETStudy notice of study results will come to students’ home address. Students are to then submit a copy of clearance report within CastleBranch®.

    on admission & annually

    1. Demographic Document Data Manager

    Complete Demographic Document Data Manager in CastleBranch® and update if/when any relocations (moves) occur while a RN-BSN student.

    on admission & when needed

    1. Background check - national

    Within CastleBranch® (CB), complete the background study (national) on admission and within 12 months of the final student semester, before capstone courses begin.

    on admission & prior to final semester

    1. Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR)

    Either a or b below

    1. Documentation of two vaccines OR
    2. Lab report documenting immunity (a titer documenting immunity of all three diseases).

    Submit official documentation of a or b within CastleBranch®.

    on admission

    1. Varicella (Chickenpox)

    Either a or b below

    1. Documentation of immunization (2 doses) OR
    2. Lab report documenting immunity (a varicella-zoster virus (VZV) titer).

    Note: a history of varicella disease does not guarantee immune status.

    Submit official documentation of a or b within CastleBranch®.

    on admission

    1. Hepatitis B

    Either a or b below

    1. Documentation of 3-dose series OR
    2. Lab report documenting Hep B immunity (e.g., HepBsAb or anti HepB).

    Submit official documentation of a or b within CastleBranch®.

    on admission

    1. TB screening

    Either a, b, or c below

    1. One two-step Tuberculin Skin Test (TST). Submit report of two TSTs on admission. One-step annually thereafter. OR
    2. Lab Test. A negative TB blood test on admission (e.g., QuantiFeron®-TB or T-Spot® TB). OR
    3. Chest X-Ray report by provider. A healthcare provider report of one negative chest x-ray (within past 24 months) and absence of symptoms.

    Submit official documentation of a, b, or c within CastleBranch®.

    on admission
    2-step TST & annual one-step TST or b, c

    1. Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis

    Either a or b below

    1. One dose of Tdap vaccine within the last 10 years. OR
    2. One dose of Tdap vaccine administered as an adult and one booster dose of Td within the last 10 years. (must provide both records as a single upload)

    Submit official documentation of a or b within CastleBranch®.

    on admission

    1. Current CPR Certification

    Documentation of current Healthcare Provider/Professional Level CPR certification (expires every 2 years)

    Submit official documentation to CastleBranch®.

    on admission keep current while actively enrolled

    1. Influenza Vaccine

    Annual record of vaccine during flu season (Oct 1 – March 31); deadline: Nov 1 or request dept. over-ride if after Nov 1 when admitted.

    Submit official documentation (need vaccine lot #, date and administering person’s signature) to CastleBranch®.

    Up to date for current season upon admission
    Annually in fall by Nov 1

    1. Health Insurance Coverage

    Submit verification of health care insurance coverage where indicated within CastleBranch®.

    on admission

    1. Professional License (RN License[s])

    Submit a copy (a screenshot of online verification is acceptable) of current, official verification of Professional License (RN License[s]) in CastleBranch.

    on admission
    keep current while actively enrolled

    1. Handbook Acknowledgement

    Students verify that they have read the current RN to BSN Handbook within CastleBranch®.

    on admission
    re-submit, as directed, as handbook is updated

    1. Consent Form

    Complete Student Consent Form – link found within CastleBranch® site. Upload to CB where indicated.

    on admission

    1. Release of Records

    To assure clinical contract compliance, at times some agencies may require proof of specific verifications on this list. Students affirm that it is acceptable to release records if requested.

    on admission


    • Do not send verifications/compliance documents to the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership, nursing faculty or staff. They will not be accepted.
    • All records must be OFFICIAL and must be uploaded in the CastleBranch® or faxed/emailed to their agency.
    • If you need assistance, please FIRST contact CastleBranch® directly, 8am – 8pm, M-F (888-723-4263 or see
    • For questions to the nursing program, please contact OR call 218.477.2693

    [ Printable PDF ]

    RN-BSN Program: Computer Access and Recommendations

    This program exclusively uses the online environment in this educational experience. Therefore, it is important for students to utilize appropriate hardware and software to be successful. MSUM’s Information Technology department will help ensure that your equipment will serve your needs; please contact Information Technology for any questions:

    Basically, you will be served best in the MnSCU system if your computer is a PC, if you use current Microsoft Office products, and use Firefox as your browser.

    Below are the suggested minimum technology requirements for the RN-BSN Program.


    • Processor: Inter Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM or higher (8 is better)
    • Hard Drive: 250 GB minimum
    • Internet Access: Cable, DSL, FiOS
    • Video: On board video, 512 MB memory, minimum
    • Wireless: Campus does have 802.11g or 802.11b access points, fyi
    • Soundcard: Any compatible type – there will be internet meetings in some courses
    • Speakers: Any compatible type – see above
    • Webcam: Optional – though desirable for internet meetings
    • USB Flash: 2 GB (recommended only)
    • Browser: Firefox (recommended as works best with MnSCU systems), Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari (most recent version)
    • Surge Protector: Recommended
    • Anti-Virus: Yes [examples: Symantec, McAfee, Bitefender (paid products) OR Avast amd MS Security Essentials (freeware)]

    Minimum Software

    • Operating System: Microsoft Window 7 professional or higher
    • Programs: Microsoft Office 2010 or newer/higher version
      • Microsoft Word (not Microsoft Works)
      • Microsoft PowerPoint
      • Microsoft Excel Virus Protection required to access campus networks


    • The program does not recommend or support the Microsoft Vista Operating system.
    • The program recommends Windows/Intel based computers to ensure full compatibility with internal systems and applications.
    • A Macintosh brand computer may work for some operations; however, there are typically instances where a Macintosh is not compatible.
    • MSUM offers discounted software purchased for current students @
    • MSUM also has a link to a computer check @  
    • A computer for educational purposes can be applied to your financial aid and might be a tax deduction.
    • Maintenance of a personal computer is the student’s responsibility.
    • See IT Purchasing Recommendations for computers.


    The MSUM Student Handbook provides general guidance and direction and is not intended to cover every conceivable situation. The information about University policies outlines the rights, responsibilities, and privileges enjoyed by the students, faculty, and staff that make up the University community.