• New Student Checklist

First Year Programs

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  • New Student Checklist

    All new MSUM students, including freshman, transfers, returning, special and offsite or online students, will need to complete and/or be aware of the following items to make a successful transition into MSUM!

  • If you applied for admissions or housing online at MSUM and/or have taken courses at another Minnesota State College and University, you have already activated your StarID. If you do not know or do not remember your StarID username or password, please go to our StarID information page for further assistance. 


    In order to determine financial aid eligibility, all students need to complete the FAFSA.

    Helpful hint: For current application dates, priority deadlines, and helpful information to assist you, please click here.

    (Excludes Special, International and PSEO students)


    All newly admitted students planning to take courses on campus at MSUM will need to register for a New Student Orientation that works best for you.

    (Excludes Offsite, Online, Returning, and Special Students. Please see Advising & Class Registration for further instruction on class registration.)


    If you plan to live and/or have a meal plan on campus, you will need to fill out the MSUM Housing and Dining Contract.

    Helpful hint: If you plan to participate in a Learning Community, this will dictate your building preference on the Housing and Dining Contract. However, the Learning Community application is a separate form from the Housing and Dining contract.

    (Excludes Offsite, Online, Returning, and Special Students.)


    In order to best assist you in choosing your first semester classes, please be sure you have indicated the correct major you desire.



    In order to best assist you in choosing your first semester classes, please be sure you submitted all of your official academic transcripts to MSUM.

    Helpful hints:

    • If you have less than 24 credits, you will need to submit your official High school/GED transcript.
    • Any and all college-level coursework obtained at an accredited institution (including those you took during high school) or from other entities accepted by MSUM. These transcripts cannot be accepted from a high school transcript and need to be sent directly from where the credits were acquired.


    Academic advising is designed to assist each student in the development of a meaningful educational plan that is compatible with the student’s interests, abilities, and life goals. You will be registered for courses via one of the following options per your student status:

    • Freshman or Transfer Students Planning to Attend Courses On Campus:
      All newly admitted freshman and transfer students planning to take courses on campus at MSUM will need to register for a New Student Orientation.
    •  Returning Students:
      • Returning from Academic Suspension: Please follow the directions noted in your reinstatement letter. All meetings outline in the letter need to be completed at least 30 days prior to the semester.
      • Returning in Good Academic Standing: Refer to the Returning Students web page to see what you need to do after readmission.
    •  Special Students:
       You can register for your courses on your own.
    •  Offsite & Online Students: You will need to contact the academic advisor for your applicable major. Your advisor will assist you in selecting courses. You will register for the suggested courses through your eServices portal. For assistance, please refer to the step-by-step tutorial on how to register for classes.


    If you attend New Student Orientation, you will take your photo and receive your Dragon ID at that time.

    If you participated in Individual New Student Orientation or are a returning or special student, you will need to take your photo and receive your Dragon ID at the Dragon Card office located in the Library 122 when you arrive on campus.

    If you are an Offsite or an Online student and you would like to have a physical Dragon ID card, please request a card using your StarID and password.


    A Dragon Mail account is created for you when you are admitted into MSUM. You will use your StarID username and password log-in to your account.


    If you plan to have a vehicle and park on campus you will need a parking permit. You will use your StarID username and password to register.


    All newly admitted students must complete the Immunization form using your StarID and Password.


    Purchase textbooks using your class schedule.


    To maintain your class registration and not be dropped from your courses, you are required to make a financial commitment to the university 15 days before the start of the semester.


    Opt-in to MSUM’s emergency notification system using your StarID username and password.


    Please contact the Disability Resource Center if you have a documented disability that requires special accommodations as an enrolled student.


    Check out what the Veteran’s Resource Center has to offer our veterans and service members.


    Know and understand MSUM official policies and procedures as well as the student code of conduct and your rights and responsibilities as a student.