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Human Resources

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  • Paid and Unpaid Leave


    Timesheets & Leave Reporting

    The Time and Leave Reporting application (etimesheet) provides employees access to their online timesheets to view, submit and update timesheets or additional pay/overtime requests.

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    Every fiscal year, the State of Minnesota will provide up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave to eligible employees for certain family and medical reasons consistent with the FMLA, relevant State law, and collective bargaining agreements and plans.


      Sabbatical Leave

    Sabbatical leaves are provided to maintain the high level of academic excellence necessary to meet the missions of the Minnesota State System and its institutions. Sabbatical leaves may be awarded for various reasons related to scholarly or professional growth, development, or renewal, including creative endeavors that promise to enhance the professional effectiveness of the applicant.

     Vacation Donation

    Did you know that State employees can donate up to 40 hours of vacation or personal leave to qualified employees under the Vacation Donation Program? Individuals in this program have life threatening medical conditions or have exhausted their leave balances and are expected to be off work for at least 6 additional weeks. Donations by other State employees are a big help in continuing salaries or in covering medical expenses that are not reimbursed. Instead of losing vacation time, why not donate it!