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    Minnesota State University Moorhead offers a broad base of programs available to benefits eligible employees and their eligible family members. Here you will find information on each of these programs to help you make the most of your benefits package.

  • Minnesota State University Moorhead offers a Group Insurance Program that includes medical, dental, and pharmacy benefits.

    For complete and up-to-date insurance information, go to or call SEGIP (State Employee Group Insurance Program) at 651.355.0100. Benefits specialists there are ready to assist you.

    Medical Insurance

    The Minnesota Advantage Health Plan is the medical benefits program available for state employees. Choose from among three health insurance carriers: BlueCross BlueShield, Health Partners, or Preferred One. Each plan provides comprehensive health benefits, flexibility to make choices that best fit your needs, free preventive care services, a prescription drug program (CVS Caremark), low out of pocket expenses, and clinic locations throughout the state and bordering communities. Health insurance may be provided at a monthly cost to you and family coverage is also available.

    Health Assessments are a valuable educational tool enabling employees to learn more about their personal health. They are offered annually and include a follow-up call from a health coach to offer specific action plans. A personalized, confidential report may be provided to employees, and reduced office visit copayments may be available for those who participate in the annual health assessment.


    Dental Insurance

    Choose from two Dental Carriers: Health Partners or the State Dental Plan (Delta Dental). Each plan provides comprehensive coverage for most conditions requiring dental diagnosis and treatment, including orthodontic treatment. All plans also cover a broad range of preventive services.

    Dental insurance may be purchased as a new employee on an optional basis for yourself and your dependents. Dental is generally open every other year to enroll.

    Pharmacy Benefits (CVS Caremark as of 1/1/2018)

    CVS Caremark is the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for the Advantage Health Plans regardless of the plan administrator under which you enroll.Your pharmacy benefit offers a high level of access to low cost, clinically effective medications. CVS Caremark has one drug formulary with three copay tiers. When you are prescribed formulary medications by your doctor, it will generally fall into one of these three tiers:

    Tier 1: Includes mainly generic medications, but some brands. It is the best cost value for most drugs.
    Tier 2: Includes preferred brand drugs and some generics; greater access to additional medication choices.
    Tier 3: Includes more costly non-preferred brand drug options


    Life Insurance

    As a State of Minnesota employee, you enjoy an excellent package of basic benefits, including life insurance. You also have the option to go beyond the basics to build a stronger, more comprehensive financial protection program for yourself and your family. The voluntary, supplemental option allows you to choose the amount of insurance that fits your personal and financial situation.

    Disability Insurance

    Short-term disability insurance provides you with income when a non-work related injury, illness or pregnancy results in your total disability. Benefits will begin on the first day of a disability due to an accident or on the eighth day of a disability due to illness or pregnancy. Benefits will not be paid for any day you are not under the care of a physician. Benefits will not continue for more than 180 days for any one period of total disability. Long-term disability (LTD) insurance provides you with income when an injury or illness results in your disability beyond 180 days. Benefits will begin on the 181st day of a total disability due to an injury, illness or pregnancy and are payable until your normal retirement age, as stated in the 1983 Social Security amendment, which is determined by your date of birth.

    Pre-Tax Benefits

    Pre-tax benefits can provide you with tax savings by allowing you to pay for your health and dental premiums, eligible dependent daycare, out-of-pocket medical, dental, and work-related transportation expenses with tax-free dollars.  Contributions towards these accounts are taken from your paychecks before taxes are deducted, and since you pay less in taxes, your net income may be greater.

    121 Benefits is the administrator for the state's pre-tax benefits. Visit the 121 Benefits website for more information regarding the following pre-tax benefits:

    Health & Wellbeing

    Our services are designed to address most aspects of wellbeing, such as personal, family, physical, financial, legal, work life, etc. Most services are employee benefits that are available at no or limited cost.

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

    Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides expert, confidential, personal consultation for concerns including financial and legal matters, relationship challenges, and personal and family problems. The EAP for state employees and family members is provided by LifeMatters.

    Phone: 1-800-657-3719

    Website: (password stmn1)

    Workplace Performance & Culture

    SEGIP Health Solutions includes programs that support and strengthen the health and productivity of state employees.

    Tuition Waiver

    Tuition waivers are submitted online through Employee Home. Login using your StarID and password.

    Online Tuition Waiver Application

    Things To Remember

    • Tuition waiver deadline is 10 days after the course begins. Waivers entered after that date will not be processed. Please specify in the waiver system if you are taking an independent study or half semester course. If no class dates are specified, the waiver deadline is 10 days after the start date of the respective semester.
    • Please be aware of the payment dates put in place by the Business Services Office to avoid having classes dropped for non-payment (if you have registered for classes but tuition waiver has not been filed before Early Registration Guarantee Date, classes will get dropped.)
    • Check back in the Tuition Waiver System to see when the waiver is processed by HR. You will NOT receive a hard copy confirmation.
    • Tuition waiver eligibility is based on the academic year (fall, spring, summer). Eligibility starts over in the fall, and unused previous academic year credits are not carried forward.
    • Make sure you or your dependent check billing information to ensure your tuition waiver gets processed in a timely manner.
    • It is important that the number of credits requested equals the number of credits taken. In other words, if you request 12 credits, and only use 9, please go back in to the tuition waiver system and make the change.

    Tuition Waiver Resources


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