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Graduate Studies

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  • Graduate Studies

    For more than 50 years, MSUM has delivered quality graduate programs and has conferred more than 3,100 graduate degrees. MSUM offers a rich selection of degree programs, many which have obtained national accreditation, and an assortment of graduate certificates that certify knowledge and/or professional skills in a specialized area of knowledge or practice.

    MSUM graduate programs are taught by highly educated faculty in small class settings that allow for personal, individualized instruction and mentorship.

    The graduate programs at MSUM are flexible and convenient to allow working professionals to earn a graduate degree while fulfilling their work responsibilities. Many graduate programs can be completed through part- or full-time study, and courses are offered during late afternoons, evenings and in the summer.

    A variety of graduate assistantships, graduate internships, loans and scholarships are available to graduate students depending on individual qualifications and the specific graduate program.