Musical Theatre Faculty & Staff

  • The MSUM Musical Theatre faculty and staff are active in theatre within the community. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, are able to connect you with professional contacts, and are enthusiastic mentors to students like you.

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    Patrick Carriere
    PhD, MA, BA, BS, AA
    School of Performing Arts
    Patrick’s studies of performance have taken him (among other...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.4616218.477.4616
    Office: CA 116C
    Craig Ellingson
    MFA, BFA,
    Professor, Department Co-Chair
    School of Performing Arts
    Craig A. Ellingson is the Director of Theatre Arts at Minnes...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.4617218.477.4617
    Office: CA 116A
    Elizabeth Evert-Karnes
    Managing Director for the Center of the Arts
    College of Arts & Humanities
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2267218.477.2267
    Office: CA 156A
    Ricky Greenwell
    MFA, BS
    Associate Professor
    School of Performing Arts
    Ricky Greenwell is proud to serve as the Head of Design and...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.5038218.477.5038
    Office: CA 116B
    James Stenger
    Technical Director | Adjunct Faculty
    College of Arts & Humanities | School of Performing Arts
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.4620218.477.4620
    Office: CA 176A