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  • B.M. Degree in Music Composition
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  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.M. Degree in Music Composition (120 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    MUS 107A Theory I (2)
    MUS 107B Aural Skills I (1)
    MUS 108A Theory II (2)
    MUS 108B Aural Skills II (1)
    MUS 207 Theory and Ear Training III (3)
    MUS 208 Theory and Ear Training IV (3)
    MUS 300 Conducting and Instrumentation (3)
    MUS 303 Western Traditions to 1750 (3)
    MUS 304 Western Traditions: 1750-1900 (3)
    MUS 305 Western Traditions Since 1900 (3)
    MUS 307 Theory and Ear Training V (3)
    MUS 316 World Music Survey (3)


    In addition to the courses listed, students must earn six credits in ensembles; sixteen credits in composition courses, at least six of which must be at the 300 level or above; seven credits of performance study in the primary performance area and three credits of performance study in a secondary area. Either the primary or secondary performance area must be piano. Class Piano III and IV may be counted as piano performance study. A piano proficiency exam must be passed.

    MUS 184 Introduction to Audio Production (3)
    MUS 215 History of Jazz (3) or
    MUS 217 Pop/Rock Music for Non-Majors (3) or
    MUS 240 American Music (3)
    MUS 281 Studio Production I (2)
    MUS 375 Instrument Conducting (2) or
    MUS 377 Choral Conducting (2)
    MUS 381 Studio Production II (2)
    MUS 391 Writing Seminar in Music (1)
    MUS 450 Student Recital (1)
    MUS 471 Orchestration (2)
    MUS 481 Projects in Studio Production (1)

    Restricted Electives

    Students must earn four credits of music electives. These credits cannot be in composition study. One credit can be an additional ensemble.