Mathematics Education Careers & Outcomes

  • Where Alumni Work

    Our Mathematics Education alumni are helping to transform the world by transforming lives in their communities. While many graduates stay close and pursue careers in the ever-growing Fargo-Moorhead area school districts, others venture further from their alma mater to teach in states across the country or continue their education at graduate school.

    • Director of personnel licensing, Minnesota Department of Education
    • Math teacher, Fargo North High School
    • Math teacher, Fargo South High School
    • Math teacher, Liberty Middle School
    • Math teacher, Cheney Middle School
    • Math teacher, Norman County East High School
    • Math teacher, West Fargo High School
    • Math teacher, Davies High School
    • Math teacher, Conway Junior High
    • Mathematics department head, North Lakes Academy
    • Faculty, University of Nebraska Omaha
    • Faculty, University of Minnesota Morris