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  • Math Department Tutors Job Application Spring 2020

    Please fill out this application completely. Keep in mind that the Spring tutoring schedule of the first week of classes, will be temporary. In case you are hired, your schedule may change after the first week.

    In order to apply you need to have taken (or be enrolled in during fall semester 2019) MATH 262 or MATH 303.





    Note that the tutor lab hours will be dependent upon what courses are offered at what times, and that several tutors will be hired. What is the most number of hours per week you would be willing to tutor? (We will not go beyond your maximum, but you can get less.)

    Are you eligible for Work Study program at MSUM? If yes, are you willing to include the tutor job into that program?

    List the academic years and semesters (fall, spring, or summer) that you have worked in the 3rd floor MSUM Math Department tutor lab in the past.

    Please give the name of two MSUM professors from the Math Department (other than Dr. Fulghesu and Dr. Aryal) who can vouch for your Mathematical or tutoring skills. If you are enrolled in a Calc II or Math 303 class during Fall Semester 2019, please include the name of your instructor in that class.

    Are you applying as a:


    Are you applying for:

    List all Mathematics courses that you have taken at MSUM, by both course number and title, with the semester in which you took each of them and the grades that you received in each. Include also the courses you are enrolled in Spring Semester 2020. Then, if applicable, list all Mathematics courses that you have taken elsewhere, by course name, with the term and grade and the name of the institution from which you took them.
    Include the number, title, semester and grade.

    Check all the time slots you will NOT be available in your typical week during the Spring semester.

    Time Day