Mathematics Scholarships

  • Mathematics Scholarships Application

    This application is a combined form that allows you to be considered for several scholarships awarded by the Mathematics Department on an annual basis. You should begin by filling in the required applicant information in the first section of this form.

    Clicking on the name of a scholarship will reveal a description of the scholarship along with space for you to provide any additional materials necessary to apply for the scholarship.

    Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2019 by 4:30 pm.

    Please complete the information for all scholarships that you would like to be considered for. You should note that each scholarship has its own separate requirements and criteria.

    Applicant Information

    Overall GPA for courses taken at MSUM

    GPA for all MSUM Mathematics courses

    Apply for one or more of the scholarships below

    Marion V. Smith Math Scholarship
    Shelda Warren Math Education Endowed Scholarship
    Tim & Kathy Peil Scholarship
    Carl Carlson Mathematics Scholarship Application
    Ken Garland Mathematics Scholarship Application

    Please verify that you have completed each part of every scholarship that you wish to be considered for before submitting this form.