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  • Math Club

    Students involved in Math Club discover just how much fun math—and math majors—can be! Approximately 80 percent of the current 80+ majors are Math Education majors taking courses through the Education department and the Mathematics department. Since many majors are future teachers, Math Club provides a social venue for students to discuss, learn and teach math.

    In addition to biweekly meetings, the club holds a back-to-school picnic for new and returning students, a Halloween party, and community activities such as miniature golf or curling. Selling T-shirts is the annual fall fundraiser, and Pie Your Professor is the club’s annual spring fundraiser, which is a huge hit among the student body.

    'Problem of the Fortnight' is a math question periodically posted on the Math Club website. It is a challenging yet accessible math problem requiring logic, probability and/or a calculus background. Students have two weeks to solve the problem, with the winner receiving a prize. The problems help students to see and study math from a unique perspective outside of textbook or classroom learning.

    Math Club also brings in guest speakers, including professors to discuss their research interests or alumni who are often recent graduates working in the industry, teaching or attending graduate school. Finally, many students provide tutoring services for children of community members.

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