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  • Meet the Mass Communications Students

School of Communication & Journalism

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  • Meet the Students

    MSUM students are doing amazing things. Our students embrace diversity, challenges, opportunities, unique experiences and continue to produce incredible results. Our students participate in student organizations, attend and present at regional and national conferences, compete at regional and national competitions, collaborate on faculty-mentored projects, gain hands-on experience through internships, help coordinate community service projects, and more. Many have won prestigious scholarships for academic excellence and many have won awards for their stellar work inside and outside of the classroom. See what the students from the Mass Communications Department are doing.

    Points of Pride

  • Becca Lebak
    Becca Lebak

    Mass Communications
    Broadcast Emphasis

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  • Lane Zyvloski
    Lane Zyvloski

    Mass Communications
    Multimedia Journalism Emphasis

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  • Emily Risch
    Emily Risch

    Mass Communications
    Public Relations Emphasis

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  • Lacey Nygard
    Lacey Nygard

    Mass Communications
    Public Relations, Advertising Emphases

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  • Katie Hamness
    Katie Hamness

    Mass Communications
    Print Journalism Emphasis

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  • Andrew Jason
    Andrew Jason

    Mass Communications

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  • Chris Lubarski, Mass Communications (Advertising and Public Relations Emphasis)

    "With the advertising campaign research and execution course, you do a semester of research on your client. For us, it was JC Penney. The second semester you begin creating the campaign. You present locally and we won that, so then we took it regionally and competed against schools like the U of M, SDSU, St. Thomas, NDSU. We took first place there as well, so then we got to go to nationals where we represented District 8. This is a national student advertising competition and we presented our campaign for JC Penney, which was called Evolve. We were able to see 19 other schools present all for the same client. We also got to see the national Addy awards, so that was cool to see the nation’s best ads. We took 15th in the nation out of probably 1,000 schools that competed. It was definitely an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything."

  • Hannah Savoy, Mass Communications (Broadcast Journalism Emphasis) 

    "I love the broadcast journalism program here. You get to do so much hands-on work, and you get out there with the camera and microphone and interview people. It really prepares you for what the real world is going to be like."

    "Seeing how passionate the teachers are really inspires you to get out there and do good work. After the first class, I just fell in love with it. I thought it was so cool how we're given so many opportunities to perfect what we’re doing, to learn so many things, like Final Cut, how to use the cameras, and how to report. It’s just a learning experience, and having teachers with such passion drives the students."

    "Our department does so much work for us in trying to help us become the best we can be, and get us up to the level employers expect from us."

  • Danelle Blotter, Mass Communications (Photojournalism Emphasis) 

    "I think the faculty are the best because they will really do anything for you. Wayne Gudmundson is my advisor, and he has just been the greatest help in the world."

    "With all of our projects, we always go out and do something. In the documentary photography classes we are finding subjects. Every project I’ve done has forced me to go out of the classroom. I learn how to interact with people and how to make that contact. That relationship is the most important thing; that’s what I learned the very first documentary photo shoot that I did."