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  • What is Mapworks?

    Mapworks is an interactive assessment tool, which allows MSUM to survey all freshmen at this time. We also have the capability to survey transfer students, which will be done in the near future. This survey based tool will provide personalized feedback on academics, residential life, social life, and overall transition to MSUM. As a university, we will analyze the feedback and help identify behaviors in students that contribute to success or a lack of success in the beginning of college.

    Why Mapworks?

    Mapworks is designed to help students gain a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. The online survey analyzes a student’s transition to college, both academically and socially. As an institution we want to better understand your college experience, so we ask that you take an online survey and give as much quality information as possible. Then, we will evaluate the surveys, provide prompt feedback, and work collaboratively to make the most of our resources on campus.

    How does it work?

    Once a student has taken a Mapworks survey, they can access their personalized online report or printable (PDF) report. Mapworks will help students gain insight into relevant academic and social factors, as well as outline their strengths and weaknesses. Along the way, Mapworks provides support to help students build campus networks and reinforce relationships already created, while providing a direct connection to a staff committed to help MSUM students succeed.

    To access your student survey and to view your personalized report, log in to Mapworks!

    Who views your survey results?

    Students only have access to their own Mapworks profile. Other MSUM students cannot view your report unless you share it with them.

    We have established a team to review your results. If we have reason for concern after the review process, then we will have one of our MSUM staff members contact you. These staff members include MSUM Academic Advisors and Instructors, Residence Hall Directors, Academic Support Center Staff, and Athletic Department Administrators may access your results.

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    Questions or Concerns?

    Contact the Academic Support Center.