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Terrie Manno, DMA

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  • Class Piano III-IV
    Music 150 C – D

    Class Piano 3 – 4 is a year-long course in which piano students continue to improve their basic piano skills. This course is only open to music majors and music minors.

    Frequently asked questions:

    I already play the piano. How do I know if this is the right piano course for me?

    All piano students are screened to determine placement in either Class Piano 1 – 2, Class Piano 3 – 4, or Applied Piano. See Dr. Manno (CA #104) as soon as possible at the beginning of the semester for evaluation.

    I took lessons when I was young but I’m not sure how much I remember. What should I do?

    See Dr. Manno (CA #104). Sometimes students with previous playing experience are directed to enroll in Applied Piano instead of one of the Class Piano courses.

    I’ve taken many years of lessons, but I’m a little rusty. Is this the right course for me?

    The best thing to do is see Dr. Manno. You may be placed in a different course, but the only way to determine the best course for you is to be properly screened.

    Do I need special permission to take this course?

    No. Students may register online without a faculty override.

    Do I have to take both semesters?

    Students may enroll in either semester after they have been properly screened. Generally speaking, students who enroll in Music 150C (fall semester) will take Music150D in the spring semester. Students who enter the sequence in the spring (Music 150D) will be directed to take either Music 150C or Applied Piano in the following semester.

    How much will I be expected to practice for this course?

    Students are required to practice one hour per day to ensure successful completion of this course. Practice rooms are available daily from early morning until late at night.

    How many people will be in this class?

    This course is limited to three students per section.

    When does this class meet?

    Your session will arranged according to your availability and that of your professor. We will access your class schedule internally but you will be able to submit additional information about scheduling limitations (work hours, child care issues, etc.) through a web link that will be sent to all students enrolled in Mus 150C and/or Mus 150D.

    I’m a music major. Do the credits from this course count toward my performance study requirements?

    Yes. Students may elect to take these courses to fulfill some or all of their piano performance study requirements (in lieu of taking Applied Piano).

    For more info contact Dr. Manno