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Terrie Manno, DMA

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  • Applied Piano

    Applied Piano may be defined as individual piano lessons given each week at a designated time. This course is only available to music majors and music minors. The level of study is determined through a private screening process with Dr. Manno (CA #104).

    Frequently asked questions:

    How many credits may I take each semester?

    Students may take one credit per semester (a half-hour lesson each week). Special permission (see Dr. Manno) is required to enroll in more than one credit per term.

    How much will I have to practice everyday?

    Students enrolled in one credit are required to practice one hour per day. Students enrolled in two credits practice two hours per day. Practice rooms (Center for the Arts) are available daily from early morning to late at night.

    Which music degrees require piano study?

    The Bachelor of Arts degree requires performance study, which may include piano study. The Bachelor of Music degrees include piano study and some of them require that students pass a Piano Proficiency exam. The Bachelor of Science degrees also include piano study and require that students pass a Piano Proficiency exam. A Music Minor may take Applied Piano to fulfill some or all of the required performance credits.

    When should I begin piano study?

    It is recommended that students begin piano study as soon as possible in the education process. While our music degrees require a minimum number of piano credits, many students elect to continue their piano study to further improve their skills.

    What if I’ve never studied piano before?

    Music majors who are beginners will enroll in Class Piano 1-2 (Music 150A, 150B) for their first year of piano study. These courses are for students who have never played the piano or students who need to refresh their piano skills.

    How will I arrange my individual lesson time?

    Lessons will be arranged according to your availability and that of your professor. We will access your class schedule internally but you will be able to submit additional information about scheduling limitations (work hours, child care issues, etc) through a web link that will be sent to all students enrolled in Applied Piano.

    Will I have to perform in recitals?

    There are many performance opportunities for students who would like to perform, including Student Recitals and Piano Master Classes. These are optional and may be a part of a student’s piano study depending on the individual degree selected.

    What’s a Piano Master Class?

    This is an opportunity for all piano students to meet and play for each other. You will get to know your colleagues, hear interesting repertoire, talk about performances, and share ideas. Other activities for Master Class include faculty performances, discussion of case studies, and guest speakers. Attendance is required for all piano students.

    Will I ever be able to play duets?

    Yes. Small group activities may be a part of your piano study, allowing for duet-playing, the development of listening skills, and other small-group activities.

    For more information contact Dr. Manno