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  • Life Transformed at MSUM
    Life is more than a journey. It's a chance to transform.

Life Transformed

  • Transforming the world by transforming lives
    Our purpose is to transform the world by transforming lives. Transformation's simplest, smallest moments, when exploration turns into discovery, are a key activity at MSUM. Real transformation occurs the moment students discover who they are, what they want to do, how they are going to do it, and why - their reason for being.
  • Alumni Leading Our Community
    MSU Moorhead alumni leaders excel in countless professions – from art and journalism to business and teaching and many others. Many are quiet leaders encouraging others; some are visible leaders advocating change in their respective industries. We proudly recognize their contributions and meaningful impact in their careers and communities.
    "We need to build a culture of engagement where all individuals thrive. We need to lead differently and find ways to engage and inspire employees, to treat them as valuable people with skills vs. people with valuable skills."
    "The greatest leadership challenge is making sure you are meeting the needs of everyone you work with, listening to their needs, and giving all you can to them without exhausting yourself."
    "The biggest challenge for today’s work force is to find what inspires, engages, motivates and fulfills employees. Leaders need to know their employees to get the most out of them and to retain them."
    "My professors believed in me, celebrated my successes and challenged me in my failures. They believed I could do more than I thought I could, so I did."
    "Communities don’t prosper by accident; they recognize that leaders come in all shapes, sizes and occupations. Communities that are thriving give citizens a chance to develop their leadership skills."
    "Put things in front of you that make you ask yourself hard questions every day. Are you living up to this position? If not, what do you need to do to get back on track? Then, do it."
    "Leadership opportunities and roles are all around us and come in many different shapes and forms and at all times of the day or year."
    "My accounting degree and management minor provided an excellent foundation for my career in public accounting and set the stage for lifelong learning. Continuing education is essential to stay current in any profession."
    "MSUM helped me realize sometimes I am the painter and sometimes I am the painting. As the painter we influence and impact others. As the painting, we take in ideas to become a better leader."
    "It is important to understand the best way you learn from situations that arise in everyday life and to look at all experiences as a way to help grow yourself."
    "Being in an environment where deep critical thinking was valued, was very transformational in discovering who I am."
    "Getting a theatre degree was invaluable. I learned how to be part of an ensemble and to take the lead; to listen and to ask questions; to take risks and to fail."  
    "Humility is a leadership trait that can influence a corporate culture. Humble leaders seek out feedback and focus on the needs of their team."
    "Leaders must support the people they’ve charged with making important decisions."
    "Take chances to try something uncomfortable and unfamiliar because those are the things that will transform you as a leader."
    "If you don’t develop good relationships with the people you are leading then your leadership will collapse."
    "Failure is a state of mind. My failures have shaped my abilities and progress as an entrepreneur. The faster you fail, the faster you succeed."
    "The best leadership advice I’ve received is to do your best. When someone tells you that, they are telling you they have confidence in you to meet their expectations."
    "If you want to be successful in life and accomplish the goals you set for yourself, be prepared."
    "A good leader is someone who can inspire his or her team to do more then what was ever thought possible. Always give people more than they expect."
    "Leaders must be willing to love, care, encourage, nurture, and give people the opportunity to grow. Being a gardener is what leadership is about."
    "If we don’t try new things and experience failures from time to time, we are not going to learn, grow and develop."
    "One of the most important roles for a leader is creating a positive culture where people are motivated, feel valued, are driven by passion, and feel that what they contribute matters."
    "Leadership is about making sure that once you’re in that role, you’re always taking care of people that are helping you."
  • Points of Pride
    • Brad Bachmeier, Dayna Del Val present at ND Tourism Conference
      Brad Bachmeier and Dayna Del Val recently presented at the ND Tourism Conference. Their breakout session was entitled ” The […]
    • MSUM students achieve Honorable Mention in national competition
      First recognition for MSUM since 2015 Two student teams representing MSUM in the Public Relations Student Society of America’s national Bateman Case […]
    • Sinner to teach paper pulp dipping workshop
      Wednesday, April 25 | 6-8 p.m. | Make Room Professor Kelli Sinner is teaching a paper pulp dipping workshop on […]
    • Arnar keynote speaker at Tri-College Libraries Staff Workshop
      Anna Sigrídur Arnar, School of Art, was the keynote speaker at the Tri-College Libraries Staff Workshop hosted by Concordia College […]
    • Guan leads high school painting workshops
      Zhimin Guan, Art, led painting workshops at four high schools in Minneapolis in March. Guan shared a painting slide show […]
    • Dr. Bradbury serves as session chair at American Educational Research Association meeting
      Dr. Boyd Bradbury, School of Teaching and Learning, served as the chair of the Paper Session, Liberating Perspectives in Academia, […]
    • Kupferman presents at American Educational Research Association meeting in NYC
      David Kupferman, School of Teaching and Learning, presented a paper at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual meeting in […]
    • Wooyang Kim’s coauthored paper receives best paper award at 2018 Annual Conference of the Korea-America Hospitality & Tourism Educators Association
      Dr. Wooyang Kim, Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Paseka School of Business, and Kelly La Venture (Bemidji State University, […]
    • Sannes, Kim’s coauthored paper published in Atlantic Marketing Journal
      Dr. Wooyang Kim (Assistant Professor of Marketing – Paseka School of Business) and his student, Drew Sannes (MBA student and […]
    • Construction Management students win competition hosted by Ryan Companies
      A group of MSUM Construction Management students won The Pursuit Competition hosted by Ryan Companies. The students had to respond […]
    • Online Project Management degree named No. 15 in nation
      MSU Moorhead’s Project Management degree was listed No. 15 on a nationwide list of “The 20 Best Online Bachelor’s in […]
    • Rudel earns two QM Certifications for course design
      Dr. Rebecca Rudel, School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership, recently earned Quality Matters Certification for two online courses: NURS 301 […]
    • Pyle presents paper, research at conferences
      Elaine Pyle (Speech Language Hearing Sciences) presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) […]
    • SLHS department hosts event, donates 28 blankets to Sanford Children’s Hospital
      The Speech/Language/Hearing Science (SLHS) Department hosted a fleece blanket making event on April 10. There were approximately 20 students, five […]
    • Park publishes chapter in ‘Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty: Reclaiming Academic Labor in Universities’
      Sungok Reina Park, School of Teaching and Learning, published a chapter in the book Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty: Reclaiming […]
    • Harris presents paper at African American Intellectual History Society meeting
      Paul Harris, HLCRWS, recently presented a paper at the third annual meeting of the African American Intellectual History Society. His […]
    • Pam McGee to speak on “The Art of Agile Facilitation” at PMI event
      Pam McGee, associate professor in the Professional Management Department, will be speaking on “The Art of Agile Facilitation” at the […]
    • GIS workshop offered at Expanding Your Horizons Conference
      Kay Anderson, GISP, GIS Programs Manager at Cass County Government and Carol Wickenheiser, GISP, Lead GIS Specialist for AE2S, Inc. […]
    • Pablo co-authors paper accepted for publication in Global Finance Journal
      The Global Finance Journal recently accepted the paper titled “Corporate Governance and its Effect on Productivity Under Different Business Environments: […]
    • Expanding Your Horizons Conference participants introduced to the field of Economics
      MSUM students Samantha Carlson, Shrijana Chapagain, Anna Landsverk, and Jess Lhotak joined Drs. T. J. Hansen and Gregory Stutes to […]
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