Wilferd and Violet Anderson Farm Records (S719)


Biographical Sketch

Born in Hanska, Minnesota on May 8, 1903, Wilferd Anderson moved with his family to the Hitterdal, Minnesota area in 1908. Anderson’s father, H.V. Anderson, managed a grain elevator at Hitterdal until 1915 when he bought a farm in nearby Highland Grove. Wilferd Anderson worked on his father’s farm until 1931, when he married Violet Heigg and rented his own farm in Highland Grove. Subsequently buying the land, Anderson managed this farm until his retirement, raising grain and potatoes, and owning a small dairy herd. The Andersons were also active in Highland Grove community activities. Wilferd died in 1985. 

Collection Description

The Anderson farm records consist mainly of account ledgers, business inventories, tax receipts, and purchase statements for the farm. A small number of correspondence items are also in the collection, which is arranged by topic in chronological order. The material is in good condition.

Also in this collection is a 60 minute taped oral interview with Mr. Anderson, discussing his childhood and young adult experiences in Hitterdal. 


Box 1

  • Correspondence. 1953, 1962-63
  • Financial. 1940-1967, undated
  • Oral Interview
  • Volumes 1-18 - Farm Family Record Books. 1939-59
  • Volumes 19-23 - Minnesota Farm Account Book. 1960-67
  • Volume 24 - Cream and Eggs Journal. January 1949-April 1949