Records of the Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, White Earth, Minnesota (S5012)


Microfilm Inventory

  • Exhibit A. [Sample of correspondence to individuals regarding striking of names from Indian lists]
  • Exhibit B. [Sworn petition and declaration of 10 full-blood Indians filed May 27, 1911 with copy of notice sent to 86 mixed-bloods and the affidavit of such service by registered mail]
  • In the matter of purification of White Earth roll -- In the matter of the petition of Charles T. Wright, et al, for the purification of the White Earth roll, July 1912 (936 leaves)
  • Maps of Minnesota showing location of White Earth Reservation (2 leaves)
  • Report of Thomas G. Shearman in re investigation of the enrollment of certain mixed blood Chippewa Indians on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, Submitted Dec. 11, 1913 (33 leaves)
  • Brief on behalf of respondent Gus H. Beaulieu (26 leaves) -- Reply to brief of respondent Gus H. Beaulieu (6 leaves)
  • Brief of petitioners (62 leaves), with Lineage Chart
  • Memorandum brief on the question of the jurisdiction of the Secretary to act in the premises (14 leaves).
  • Note: The Final Report on this investigation is in the US Serial Set, 62d Congress, 3d session, 1912-1913. House. Report 1336.