Clay County Agricultural Extension Office Annual Report (S4972)


Historical Sketch

The Agricultural Extension Service was established in Clay County, Minnesota in 1913. It continued in operation until 1922, when the county government refused to continue funding the county agent’s work. The service did not return to Clay County until after the onset of the Great Depression. The federal government, using monies form the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, funded emergency county agent work in 1933 and 1934. In 1935 the full Extension Service reopened with a combination of local, state, and federal funding support. The Service has remained in existence since.  

Collection Description

These annual reports of the county agent to the United States Department of Agriculture Division of Cooperative Extension are copies made from the originals stored in the County Extension Office files at the Clay County Courthouse in Moorhead, Minnesota. All reports are copied on acid-free, bonded paper. In addition to the agents annual reports, copies of reports by 4-H Club agents and home demonstration agents are also kept in the collection. All materials are in excellent condition.  


Box 1

Annual Reports. 1914-22; 1925; 1934-44 

Box 2

  • Annual Reports. 1945-50
    • Clothing. 1935-36
    • Club Agents. 1931; 1935; 1940; 1943; 1945
    • Home Demonstration. 1920-21
  • Farm Bureau. Undated