Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association (S4868)

A Guide to the Collections of the Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association

(Revised December 2002)

The heart of the RRVSGA collection is the transcripts of interviews conducted with several dozen individuals involved in the sugarbeet industry in the Valley. Most of those interviewed are members of the RRVSGA, although former employees of the old American Crystal Company, some migrant laborers, and a few elected officials were also interviewed. Each interview transcription is fully described in the inventory. In addition to the transcript, a tape of the interview is also available.

The collection also consists of documents gathered from members of the RRVSGA concerning the growers' experiences in raising sugarbeets, establishing a growers organization, and building a cooperative for processing sugar. Several small collections of papers, arranged by the names of the donors, concern other growers groups and special aspects of grower business, education, and political activity. All of these are described in detail in the file-level inventory of this Guide.

In addition to the transcripts and papers, the collection contains several hundred feet of film, several thousand photographs, some miscellaneous publications (including a complete set of the American Crystal magazine for growers), and files of news clippings about the sugarbeet industry in the Valley.

All materials in the collection are in excellent condition.

Note: Prior to the mid-1930s, the proper term for this crop was "sugar beets." About 1935, the United States Department of Agriculture began using the term "sugarbeets" and the modern one-word usage became common thereafter.

For the sake of consistency, the term is rendered in the Guide as "sugarbeets" even though many of the early documents in the collections contain the two-word term.