Levi Thortvedt Papers/The Early History of the Red River Valley (S4734)


Biographical Sketch

Levi Thortvedt was born in 1860 in Norway. He came to America in 1861 with his parents, Olav and Thone, and his four brothers and sisters. They landed in Quebec, Canada, and in 1870 journeyed by covered wagon to the Red River Valley. The Thortvedts were among the earliest settlers of the Otter Tail County area of the Red River Valley.  

Collection Description

The Early History of the Red River Valley was written by Levi Thortvedt. It is a detailed account of his covered wagon journey to the Red River Valley in 1870 and includes historical information on early pioneer life in that area. Thortvedt’s Early History appeared in ten weekly installments of the Moorhead Daily News. Copies of clippings of these articles are included in the collection. Also included is a photograph of Levi, and copies of Fargo Forum clippings of daughter Orabel Thortvedt’s historical sketches.  


Box 1

  • The Early History of the Red River Valley
  • Newspaper clippings. undated; 1941
  • Photograph of Levi Thortvedt