Aabye Store, Perley, Minnesota (S2778)


Historical Sketch

The Aabye Store, later the Ericksen Fairway Store, was started in 1880 near Perley, Minnesota by Andrew Aabye. In 1884, the railroad came to Perley and Mr. Aabye moved his store into Perley. It was one of the first buildings in Perley. The store was owned and operated for three generations before its final closing.

Collection Description

The records of the Aabye Store consist of photographs, newspaper clippings and four day books. The photographs are arranged by subject and the day books are in chronological order. Information included in the day books is the customers name, items purchased, and the price paid per item.


Box 1

  • Day Book
    • Volume 1. 1890
    • Volume 2. 1891-94
    • Volume 3. 1899
    • Volume 4. 1902-06
  • Newspaper Clippings and Advertisements. 1955, undated
  • Photographs
    • Aabye Store. 1898, undated
    • Aabye/Erickson Home. 1900
    • Children in Car by the Aabye Home
    • 4th of July Parade
    • Main Street of Perley
    • Perley Gornet Band
    • Women of Aabye Family