The Amphion Chorus of Fargo-Moorhead (S2752)


Historical Sketch

The Amphion Chorus of Fargo-Moorhead [North Dakota-Minnesota] was organized in the early 1930s by Daniel Preston, who also directed the chorus until 1948. The one hundred member male chorus was heralded as the “Men of the West on Wings of Song.” The first out-of-state performance by the Amphion Chorus was as the North Dakota Representative to the Worlds Fair in Chicago in 1933. The Amphion Chorus soon gained national recognition and performed at the Town Hall in New York in 1936, West Minister Choir School at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, in the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, at the Indianapolis National Federation of Music Clubs, and at Washington, D.C. An 18 concert European tour was cancelled because of World War II.

The Amphion Chorus and the three local colleges joined together to sponsor concerts, and through their combined efforts were responsible for bringing over fifty world-famous artists to the Fargo-Moorhead community.

In the early 1950s a decline of interest and the new sounds of the barbershop groups caused the Amphion Chorus to disband. The Dilworth High School bought the Chorus’ piano. 

Collection Description

The records of the Amphion Chorus are arranged in alphabetical order and chronologically. The records include a Chicago concert schedule, an Amphion newsletter, newspaper clippings, photographs taken by members while on tour, an interview with Daniel Preston, and programs of the Amphion Chorus concerts.  


Box 1

  • Amphion Chorus Chicago Concert Schedule. 1933
  • Amphion Chorus Newsletter, The Touring Tattle. 1935
  • Dodge Vincent, Notification of Membership with Amphion Chorus
  • Newspaper Clippings. 1939-43
  • Photographs - Amphion Chorus. 1933, 1935, 1940, undated
    • Chicago
      • Buildings, Cars, and Trains Stations
      • Tour. 1941
      • NBC Morning Radio Show, undated
    • Private Railroad Cars
  • Preston, Daniel L. Interview in the Guide. 1978
  • Programs, Menus, and Bulletins. 1935-52