District 23 School Masters’ Club (S2688)


Historical Sketch

The District 23 School Masters’ Club was formed in 1929 with the purpose of creating a club for male teachers, principals, and school superintendents in western Minnesota. The main purpose of this club was to allow easy communication between members on educational matters and topics. The club also had a strong social aspect and the informal structure of the club reflected this. There was no written constitution or rules for the governing of the club, but it met for almost four hundred consecutive meetings before it disbanded in 1972. 

Collection Description

The District 23 School Masters’ Records consist of the club’s meeting minutes, correspondence, and the monthly meeting programs.  


Box 1

  • Correspondence. 1946, 1966-68
  • Minutes. 1929, 1933-34, 1954-56, 1970
  • Miscellaneous. 1946, 1958, 1963, 1965
  • Programs. 1929-72