Moorhead Federated Women's Club (S2687)


Historical Sketch

The Moorhead [Minnesota] Federated Women's Club was formed in 1893 as an outgrowth of the Columbian Exposition's Women's Auxiliary, which had a branch in Moorhead, Minnesota. Also there already was a women's club in Fargo, North Dakota and this encouraged the Moorhead women to form their own club. In 1895 the Moorhead Club became a charter member in the Minnesota Federated Women's Clubs and put the term "Federated" in its official title for the first time. The Moorhead club was established to conduct cultural studies and enrich the knowledge of its members and its community. Although the club was not organized for community service projects, it has been involved in several such activities in its history. Its most notable achievement in this area was the founding of the Moorhead city library. In 1903 the club initiated the proceedings to obtain a Carnegie grant to build a library. The club has had strong ties with the public library ever since. It should be noted that Mrs. S.G. Comstock, who was a founding member, and Mrs. R.G. Price, were both active members in the club and served as club presidents at various times.  

Collection Description

This collection contains the meeting minutes, club yearbooks, reports, and miscellaneous papers of the Moorhead Federated Women's Club.  


Box 1

  • Club History. 1945; 1968-79
  • Executive Committee of the Women's Club of Moorhead. 1933-57
  • History
    • Moorhead Federated Women's Club, 1893-53, 1958-63
    • Ninth District of the Minnesota Federated Women's Clubs. 1893-1950
  • Minutes. 1893-1973
  • Miscellaneous/Photographs. 1902, 1907, 1928, 1933, 1943, 1969, 1978
  • Ninth District of the Minnesota Federated Women's Club Articles of Incorporation. 1859, revised 1956
  • Officer's Reports. 1923, 1925-31, 1934-35, 1951-68
  • Reports
    • "Cleopatra" by Mrs. J. Wagner. 1930
    • "J.G. Whittier" by Mrs. J. Wagner. 1910
    • "Joseph Penull" by Mrs. S.G. Comstock. 1914-15
    • "Knighthood and Chivalry" by Mrs. S.A. Holmes. 1896
    • "Maria Chapdelaine" by Mrs. J. Wagner. 1921
    • "Mother of the Graachi" by Mrs. J. Wagner. 1895
    • "New England Life and Legend from Whittier's Poems" by Mrs. S.G. Comstock. 1910
    • "New Orleans" by Mrs. S.G. Comstock. 1917
    • "O.W. Holmes' 'Breakfast Table Series'" by Mrs. S.G. Comstock. 1910
    • "Relations Between Egypt and Rome" by Mrs. Holmes. 1893
  • Treasurer's Account Book. 1893-1930 

Box 2

  • Yearbooks. 1893-1984, 1990-91