Drahmann General Merchandise Store (S2648)


Historical Sketch

The Drahmann Store started business near Rush Lake, Minnesota in 1867, but later moved to Perham, Minnesota. This move was probably made to take advantage of the Northern Pacific Railroad, which missed Rush Lake and established Perham as the area’s station. The store at first was owned by the Kemper brothers and Drahmann, but later became owned solely by Drahmann. Besides general merchandise, the business also sold farm machinery and later branched out into potato warehousing.  

Collection Description

The Drahmann General Merchandise Store records consist of the ledgers from 1901 to 1908 and a few of the business letters from 1877 to 1925. There are two more ledgers, 1887-1891 and 1909-1910, located in the East Otter Tail County Museum in Perham, Minnesota.  


Box 1

  • Correspondence
  • Business. 1878-82 (Sample of hardship letter)
  • Potato Warehouse. 1911-25
  • Miscellaneous. 1893-1918
  • Publications/Catalog. 1915, 1921
  • WWII and Post-WWII Ration Documents
  • Volume 1 - Letters of Kemper Brothers and Drahmann. 1877-82
  • Volumes 2-4 - Ledgers. 1891-1908