Henry Nycklemoe (S227)

1922-1950, 1982 

Biographical Sketch

Henry Nycklemoe was born c. 1982 in the United States. During the First World War he served in the U.S. Navy. After the war Mr. Nycklemoe became a lawyer and set up practice in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, sometime in the 1920s. During the 1930s he became a local judge. Also, during this time he became active in politics, serving in the Farmer-Labor Party organization and on F.D. Roosevelt’s re-election committees. It was in this period that Mr. Nycklemoe became active in the isolationist/pacifistic movement. He retained this attitude through World War II and beyond. Eventually, Mr. Nycklemoe retired from active practice and turned his firm over to his sons David and Paul. The Nycklemoe firm is still in Fergus Falls

Collection Description

This collection is arranged alphabetically and chronologically by topic. The collection is made up of correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, and miscellaneous papers that pertain to or were written by Henry Nycklemoe. 


Box 1

  • Appointment Requests
    • Dybdal, E.A. 1934-37
    • Miscellaneous. 1934-35
    • Tallakson, Thomas. 1936
  • Congressional Campaign. 1937-40
  • Correspondence
    • Campaign
      • Benson, Elmer A. 1936-38
      • Buckler, R.T. 1934, 1938, 1940
      • Judge of Municipal Court
      • Olson, Flyod. 1934
      • Peterson, Hjalmar. 1938
      • Roosevelt, F.D., Re-election. 1936
      • Shipstead, Henrick. 1934
    • Miscellaneous. 1934-50
  • Court Cases and Hearings. 1922-36
  • Defense of Franklin Roosevelt’s Supreme Court Reform. 1937
  • History Students Open Letter. 1982
  • Norwegian Relief. 1940
  • Old Age Pension Law. 1934-35
  • Speeches. 1937-40