Heritage Education Commission

Family History Publications

This bibliography includes the family history books located in the Heritage Education Commission collection held at the Northwest Minnesota Historical Center. If a date is given in parenthesis, this indicates the publication received an award in the stated year. The collection number of each volume is given at the end of the entry.

Abraham, Les. The Life and Times of Freidrich and Christina Miller’s Family, Volumes 1 & 2 (2006). S5072

Adams, Sarah. Schreiner Files. S4969

Anderson, Marilyn. Erickson Heritage: The History of the Erickson Family (1993). S4968

Andrews, Marguerite. All of a Sudden Ninety [Bye family]. S4871

Andrews, Marguerite. Away, Away in the Northland [Andrews family]. S4872

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Bagg Bonanza Farm Historical Preservation Society. Bagg Bonanaza Farm History & Cookbook (2012). S5103

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Beauchamp, Leo. Rebuilding of Olga, North Dakota in Oil Paintings (2007). S5080

Beauchamp, Leo and Monica Heck. Family History of Oliver Dumas and Marie Jeanne Verville (2003). S5051

Benson, Emma. Emma Benson: American-Norwegian Autobiography. S4994

Bergerud, James, Kathy Evenson, Marion Hoft, Harold Myron and Clarice Rund. Aastad’s Century of Amazing Grace. [Lutheran Church history, Fergus Falls, MN]. S4917

Bergerud, Slyvia, Clarice Rund, Hilding Tjaden, and Esther Ugstad. The Bergeruds’ 1816-2000: A History of the Bergerud Family from Norway to America (2000). S5031

Bergeson, Adeline. Edwin and Minnie: Their Family Heritage. S4817

Berry, Rhoda Ellen. My Great-Grandparents: Jonathan Owen & Elizabeth Ann Dean & Their Forebears. S5053

Blegen, Helmer and Malcolm Rosholt, translators. History of the Norwegian Settlements: A Translated and Expanded Version of the 1908 De Norske Settlementers Historie and the 1930 Den Siste Folkevandring Sagastubber fra Nybyggerlivet Amerika (2006). S5069

Broberg, Vivia. Always Westward (1985). S4747

Brown, Jona. The Brown/Fisher Family History. S4934

Busche, Sharon. The Family History and Photo Album of Jens and Olga Jensen (2005).

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Cook Family. The Cooks and Kin. S5040

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Edenstrom, Elvina. Den Forsamling av den Klan [Skog Family]. S4743

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Ellis, Myrtle Staehnke. Martin F.W. Staehnke and Descendants (1991). S4939

Feist, Frances. Jacob Family Heritage. S4820

Fick, Ada Nelson. The Nelson Family (1981). S4714

Fick, Ada Nelson. The Slorby Family History. S4713

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Gavett, Joseph L. Memories of Yesteryears (2013). S5114

Gavett, Joseph. North Dakota Counties-Towns & People: Part 1, Part II, Part III (2008, 2009, 2010). S5086

Gavett, Joseph. North Dakota Immigrants Coming to America (2007). S5078

Georgetown Community Affairs. Welcome to Georgetown Since 1859 (2010). S5095

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Gjevre Family. Father and Son Proclaiming the Good News (1993).

Glasrud, Barbara and Clarence. Glaeserud-Glasrud: A Family History (1994). S4984

Glidden, Doris. A Piece of Life's Puzzle (1987). S4819

Goerger, Jeanne. The Goerger Family History: A Story of Ten Generations (2010). S5095

Goerger, Virginia. Kulzer Family History Book (2013). S5112

Goerger, Virginia. Wyndmere-Barney 125th Anniversary: Wyndmere High School 1910-2010 (2011). S5097

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Hystad Family. Hystad: 1225-1986. S4906

Ibarra, Angeline Reinbold. Tales of a Community That Was....Krassna, North Dakota: A Memoir. (2012). S5110

James, Engel. The Engel Family History. S4745

Janssen, Eliza Wulff. 95 Years: An Autobiography. S4796

Johnson, Chandice and Cynthia Selland. T.H.H. Thoresen: States Attorney, Tax Commissioner, and Lieutenant Governor. S4966

Johnson, Elroy. Jonas H [Johnson Family]. S4738

Jones, Marvin. The Henry and Mary Steeves Jones Family (1993). S4967

Jones, Marvin. Some Descendants of Ephraim Pennington of Rowan Co, North Carolina, Including Those of Pennington’s Point, McDonough County, Illinois (1994). S4983

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Knalson, Eddie. The Farm at Pony Gulch (2012). S5104

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