Honors Learning Community

  • You should live in this community if you have been accepted into the Honors program. This community provides social and academic opportunities for motivated students who are intellectually curious.

    Required Common Courses


    • HON 200: Honors Colloquium in the Humanities (3 credits)
    • PHIL 110: Practical Reasoning (3 credits)
    • FYE 101: First Year Experience (1 credit)


    • HON 102: Honors Encounters (1 credit)

    As a member of the community, you will...

    • live with other students who have been accepted into the Honors program.
    • take two classes with students who live on your floor.
    • have a Dragon Mentor dedicated to providing you with guidance and various academic and social programs.
    • have the convenience of organizing meeting times for group projects since you live on the same floor.
    • have the opportunity to attend campus events for your Honors Encounters requirements.

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