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  • International/Global Connections Community

    You should live in this community if you are interested in international travel, studying or teaching abroad, an international student, studying a foreign language, or interested in meeting people from all over the world.

    This community is open to any student who is interested in studying or student teaching abroad, studying a foreign language, in a major within the Languages and Cultures Department, or for any student interested in living with international students. This community is also for degree seeking international students as well as international exchange students.

    • This learning community will be limited in size and will include a balance of domestic and international students.
    • The location for this community is still being determined.
    • Required common courses are still being determined

    Preference this community on your Learning Communities application if it sounds appealing to you! 

    Required Common Courses



    • PHIL 120: World Religions (3 credits)
    • COMM 100: Speech Communication (3 credits)



    • SOC 110: Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)


    Recommended Course

    • CHIN 132: Introduction to Chinese Culture (3 credits)


    Community Location:

    The international/Global Connections Community is housed in Nelson Hall.