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  • Leaders - Alumni Leading Our Community

Leaders: Alumni Leading Our Community

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  • Alumni Leading Our Community
    Transforming the world by transforming lives

    MSU Moorhead alumni leaders excel in countless professions – from art and journalism to business and teaching and many others. Many are quiet leaders encouraging others; some are visible leaders advocating change in their respective industries. We proudly recognize their contributions and meaningful impact in their careers and communities.

    Profiled here are a few alumni who are leaders in our community. We are grateful to share their stories of how MSUM transformed their lives and what lessons they have learned about leadership.

    Brad Wimmer
    Brad Wimmer Profile
    CEO, Wimmer's Diamonds | Former Fargo City Commissioner & Fargo Park Board member | Elementary Education
    "Leadership opportunities and roles are all around us and come in many different shapes and forms and at all times of the day or year."

    Mary Jo Richard
    Mary Jo Richard Profile
    Partner, Eide Bailly LLP | Accounting, 1986
    "My accounting degree and management minor provided an excellent foundation for my career in public accounting and set the stage for lifelong learning. Continuing education is essential to stay current in any profession. Eide Bailly embraces lifelong learning with a robust Training and Development department."

    Nate Hendrickson
    Nate Hendrickson - Profile
    Director of Special Needs, TNT Kid’s Fitness and Gymnastics | Health & Physical Education & Developmental Adapted Physical Education, 2007
    "MSUM helped me realize sometimes I am the painter and sometimes I am the painting. Leadership is similar; as the painter we influence and impact others. As the painting, we take in ideas and concepts to become a better leader."

    Rob Sobolik
    Rob Sobolick - Profile
    General Manager, Fargodome | Accounting, 1995
    "It is important to understand the best way you, as an individual, learn from situations that arise in everyday life and to look at all experiences as a way to help grow yourself, as well as those you are privileged to work with."

    Tracy Clark
    Tracy Clark Profile
    Interim President, White Earth Tribal and Community College | Associate Professor, Social Work, MSUM | Social Work and Criminal Justice, 1993
    "Being in an environment where deep critical thinking was not only valued, but also required, was very transformational in discovering who I am."

    Dayna Del Val
    Dayna Del Val - Profile
    Executive Director, The Arts Partnership | Board President, Arts North Dakota | Theatre Arts
    "Getting a theatre degree was invaluable. I learned how to be part of an ensemble and to take the lead; to listen and to ask questions; to take risks and to fail; to get over disappointment and to manage success."

    Scott and Judy Green
    Scott and Judy Green - Profile
    Scott, Area Manager, Vice President, Bank of the West | Finance
    Judy, Regional CEO, American Red Cross | Accounting
    "Humility is a leadership trait that can influence a corporate culture. Humble leaders seek out feedback and focus on the needs of their team; solidifying relationships of trust."

    Lynne Kovash
    Lynne Kovash - Profile
    Superintendent, Moorhead Public Schools | English & MS Special Education
    "Leaders must support the people they’ve charged with making important decisions."

    David Berg
    David Berg - Profile
    CEO, American Crystal Sugar | Mass Communications
    "Take chances to try something uncomfortable and unfamiliar because those are the things that will transform you as a leader."

    Vince Williams
    Vince Williams - Profile
    Fargo Public Schools Educator & Administrator | Social Studies & M.S. Curriculum and Instruction
    "If you don’t develop good relationships with the people you are leading then your leadership will collapse."

    Mark Teckenburg
    Mark Teckenburg - Profile
    Founder & CEO, PushSave | Mass Communications
    "Failure is a state of mind. My failures have shaped my abilities and progress as an entrepreneur. Obstacles are placed in our path to help us improve and achieve our ultimate goals. The faster you fail, the faster you succeed."

    Kevin Wallevand
    Kevin Wallevand - Profile
    Emmy Award-Winning Reporter, WDAY TV | Mass Communications
    "The best leadership advice I’ve received is to do your best. When someone tells you that, they are telling you they have confidence in you to meet their expectations."

    Erma Vizenor
    Erma Vizenor - Profile
    Chairwoman, White Earth Nation | Elementary Education, General Education & Educational Administration
    "If you want to be successful in life and accomplish the goals you set for yourself, be prepared. Be prepared the best possible way you can."

    Tammy Miller
    Tammy Miller - Profile
    CEO & Board Chair, Border States Electric Supply | Accounting & MBA
    "A good leader is someone who can inspire his or her team to do more then what was ever thought possible. Always give people something more than they expect."

    Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson - Profile
    President & CEO, BlackRidge Financial, Inc. | Finance
    "We must cultivate our garden, which is everything that is important to us. Leadership is part of that garden. Leaders must be willing to love, care, encourage, nurture, and give people the opportunity to grow. Being a gardener is what leadership is about."

    Tim Sayler
    Tim Sayler
    Chief Operating Officer, Essentia Health West Region | Management
    "Some of my greatest learning has been from my failures. If we don’t try new things and experience failures from time to time, we are not going to learn, grow and develop."

    Emily Beck
    Emily Beck - Profile
    Executive Director, Fargo Theatre | Film Studies
    "One of the most important roles for a leader is creating a positive culture where people are motivated, feel valued, are driven by passion, and feel that what they contribute matters."

    Mark Knutson
    Mark Knutson - Leader Profile
    Director, Fargo Marathon | Finance and Business Administration
    "Leadership is about making sure that once you’re in that role, you’re always taking care of people that are helping you."