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  • Spanish Placement Exam

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  • Spanish Placement Exam

    The Spanish Program at MSUM requires students who enter at any level to take the WEBCAPE placement exam.  This exam gives faculty and students the opportunity to see where students are with their language proficiency.  Some students have taken Spanish in high schools where the program was rigorous and prepared them well for college-level courses.  Other schools do not have the resources.  In many cases, students have allowed several years to lapse before coming back to study Spanish.  In all of these situations, the placement exam measures the degree of proficiency retained by the student. Accurate placement provides the optimal learning environment for students as they work towards their goals of fluency in the language.  

    All students should discuss their results with their Spanish professor after taking the exam.  However, the exam does list a designation that matches MSUM courses in the following way:

    Sem1 = Span 101
    Sem2 = Span 102
    Sem3 = Span 201
    Sem4 = Span 202
    Sem4+ = Span 301

    The link for the Spanish Placement Exam is:

    The password for the exam is:  dragons1