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  • Meet the Languages & Cultures Students

Languages & Cultures

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  • Meet the Students

    Students from the Department of Languages and Cultures major in Spanish, Spanish Education, East Asian Studies and Teaching English as a second language. In many cases, they are living their dream of studying a language and a culture they are passionate about. They find ways to bridge the linguistic gap, befriending people from all over the globe. They travel, they teach, they serve and they find ways to bring all those experiences back to MSUM to enhance the experience for other students. We are involved in community service, creative teaching methods, sharing culture and building connections with other disciplines. Many majors express the thrill they have felt bringing together multiple disciplines and using their skills to optimize their choices in the future. The following are just a few examples of great success stories:

    Points of Pride

  • Peggy Morken
    Peggy Morken


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  • Katie Arias
    Katie Arias

    Spanish Education

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  • Katie Shorma
    Katie Shorma

    Spanish, Elementary Education

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  • Jenna Hafner, Spanish Education

    "The classes are always really fun and interesting. It’s not just sitting in a lecture, you get to participate and use the language. They help you get out in the community to use the language, too."

    "One of the faculty members organized a month-long trip for me to Costa Rica to teach English, which I could not have done without her. She did everything for me, and she’s helping me get credit. They’re really there to help you on a personal level. You’re not just a student; they know you, they know what you want to do. They’re just so great at helping you with your goals. I’ve had professors help me get involved with teaching in elementary Spanish classes after school through PTA. I’ve been to a couple different schools and churches in the area that have programs for their kids. I’ve studied abroad, I spent six months in Spain. I also work at the Language Villages Spanish Camp."

    "Whatever I decide to do I know my professors will have the connections to make it happen. Whether I want to teach, work in a study abroad office, or be a translator, I know they’ll be able to help me out, which is really comforting. They have connections globally."