Dr. Craig P. Jasperse, Organic Chemistry I & II

  • Online Organic Chemistry I & Online Organic Chemistry II

    Organic Chemistry courses are available at Minnesota State University Moorhead both in person and online.

    A sample of what you will learn in Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry II is to classify, explain, and apply fundamental reactions. Be able to recognize, classify, explain, and apply fundamental organic reactions such as SN2, SN1, E2, E1, alkene addition, electrophilic aromatic substitution, 1,2/1,4-additions, ring-opening, and radical halogenation, oxidation reactions; reduction reactions; Grignard reactions; anionic additions; acid-catalyzed additions, eliminations, and substitutions; enolate reactions; and hydrolysis reactions.

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  • Jasperse, Craig
    Chemistry Department

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