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  • Savvy Content Management Procedure

Information Technology

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  • Savvy Content Management Procedure

    1. All webs must have a permanent MSU Moorhead Employee as primary contact for the web.
      1. Department and college webs will have the department or college chair, director, or dean as the primary contact, unless otherwise assigned to another person, by one of the above positions.
      2. Security access to the web can be granted by any person with current security access to the web site, with the exception that the chair, director, or dean can give other permanent MSUM employees right to grant security access to other employees or students. This request will be accepted via email.
      3. Students will be allowed to have user accounts on the web servers, if requested by a primary contact for a web. This access will only be granted to registered students and they must have an mnstate email account. This access will be checked on a semester basis and disabled if the student is not registered.
      4. Employee user accounts will be checked on a semester basis to make sure the employee is still employed by MSU Moorhead. Employee must have an mnstate email account. If the user is not employed any longer the user account will be disabled. Minnesota State University Moorhead reserves the right to remove from the University website any web pages of former employees within ten (10) calendar days following the individual's final day of employment.
        1. Individual webs will be named the same as the individuals MSU Moorhead email account.
        2. Individual webs will have the individual as the primary contact.
      5. Student Organization web accounts will have the campus advisor as the primary contact. If a student is to be granted access to a student organization web, the student must be a registered member with Office of Student Activities for the organization to which the access will be granted.
    2. There will be no generic user accounts. Each user that needs access to a web must have an individual user account on the web server. Each user account name will be created with the same user name as their MSUM email.
    3. Content Management webs also follow the Web Design Standards and Policies.