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  • Maple Software

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  • Maple Software

    Maple is a comprehensive computer system for advanced mathematics. It includes facilities for interactive algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, graphics, numerical computation and many other areas of mathematics. It also provides a unique environment for rapid development of mathematical programs using its vast library of built-in functions and operations.

    Maple 18 available for use in some computer labs on campus.


  • System Requirements

    Please see the minimum system requirements for Maple 17 and Maple 18 before installing the software.

    On Campus use

    Maple 18 available for use in some computer labs on campus.

    Personal use

    MSU Moorhead students and faculty are eligible to install Maple 18 free of charge onto their own personal computers running Windows and Mac operating systems. Maple 17 is also available for courses that require the previous version

    Go to the Maple download page to download the application.

    Please refer to the installation instructions for help on how to download and install Maple to your personal computer.

    PC Installation Instructions

    Maple17 PC Instructions

    Maple18 PC Instructions

    Mac Installation Instructions

    Maple17 Mac Instructions

    Maple18 Mac Instructions