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    MSU Moorhead offers a variety of club sports supported by the Office of Student Activities (OSA).

    Club sports are a great way to stay active and healthy and to meet new people on campus with similar interests. Club sports encourage team-building and physical health, which make them some of the most rewarding clubs to participate in at MSUM. Club sports teams often travel to play opposing schools in duels and tournaments. However, each club sport member can choose their level of commitment to maintain their studies and other extracurricular involvement.

    All club sports are open to every MSUM undergraduate and graduate student. Each is funded through student activities funds, which are included in tuition fees and allotted to student organizations by the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC).

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    Current Teams

    Sport President Email Address Phone
    Baseball Ben Taylor taylorben@mnstate.edu


    Fencing Jacob Hlavsa hlavsaja@mnstate.edu (507)217-0344
    Men's Lacrosse Jake Skansberg skansberja@mnstate.edu (218)280-9082
    Men's Rugby Jared Saunders saundersja@mnstate.edu



    Men's Soccer Francis Agoro  agorofr@mnstate.edu


    Tae Kwon Do Eva Rude rudeev@mnstate.edu


    Diversity Dance Fanta Barrow barrowfa@mnstate.edu (218)979-7227
    Womens Lacrosse Lauren Hooker hookerla@mnstate.edu



    Womens Rugby Brandi Bucklin bucklinbra@mnstate.edu



    Rock Climbing Kyle Ross rosskyl@mnstate.edu (763)807-1593
    KYTD Desiree Miller millerdes@mnstate.edu (701)330-6016


    For more information, please contact Kari Peterson at 218.477.2016 or kari.peterson@mnstate.edu



    MSUM Club Baseball is an organization that competes in the National Club Baseball Association. We are in the District 5 West conference; our conference consists of NDSU, University of Minnesota, Winona State, and Lakehead University out of Thunder Bay Canada. We are the defending Conference Champions, and the Regional Runner Ups.  We lost to the University of Wisconsin in extra innings during the Championship game.

    Games: We have games during the fall and during the spring.  Our fall season consists of at least 3 conference games, plus addition non-conference games.  Our spring, (weather permitting) will consist of at least six conference games plus other non-conference games.  We play a three game series with each conference opponent; a double header Saturday, single game Sunday.  We alternate home and away teams every year.  Our home field is Jack Williams Stadium in Fargo. We travel to Florida every year to participate in the NCBA Spring Training Showcase in Plant City.  We play 7-10 games against other elite colleges in the NCBA.  We take a bus down to Florida and stay 5 nights in a hotel.  During the trip we have one full day to enjoy the warm weather and attend one of the popular beaches.  We also have the opportunity to attend a Spring Training game close to Tampa.

    Practice: In the fall we practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 4:30-7pm or until the sun sets. In the winter we average 2 days of practice in Nemzek: Mondays 7-9pm and Thursdays 7-9pm. In the spring we practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 4:30-7.

    Men’s Lacrosse

    Men's Lacrosse is one of America's fastest growing sports, and we have brought it to the MSUM campus.  Practices are Monday's and Wednesday's times tend to vary between 4 and 6, but all sum up around 7.   Winter practices are in Nemzek on Mondays from 7-9pm.

    Women's Lacrosse

    Women's Club Lacrosse is a competitive and fun team that plays in the NCWLL. We practice Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm in the fall and the spring on the M-State Fields. Throughout the winter we practice Mondays from 7-9pm in Nemzek. We are constantly looking for new players, regardless of playing experience!

    Tae Kwon Do

    Tae Kwon Do is Korean style martial arts. Our Tae Kwon Do Club here at MSUM is taught under the instruction of Master Roy Gilbertson, a 7th degree. Our club meets twice a week for practice through participation in self-defense techniques, sparring drills, and other material throughout the academic year. We participate in other events like tournaments and demo right here at MSUM. Beginners and those interested in join feel free to contact our president or Master Roy himself. Have experience? Great! We welcome you too; there is always something to learn in Tae Kwon Do - this most popular martial art in the world! Practices are held from 5-6pm in Room 208 at Nemzek.


    MSUM Fencing club learns, practices, and competes in competitive fencing. Fencing originated as a way to safely practice sword fighting which was a common way to settle disputes in the past. Our club practices mostly foil and epee, two types of swords with different rules, and the proper technique used for each. We follow the rules established by the United States Fencing Association in both conduct and procedures.

    We don't require any experience to join the club; we will teach eager students how to fence. We also provide all the gear necessary to participate safely. The best way to get into fencing is to practice with someone of the same level, so please bring a friend!

    We most often meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30 in Nemzek Hall dance Studio, room 208. You must be a current MSUM student enrolled in at least 1 credit to participate.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    MMA Olympic Wresting

    Olympic wrestling and MMA club is for the student body to work on such skills and have the opportunity to compete in events. We usually meet on Thursday nights in the wrestling room at 6:30 pm. Practices are subject to change based on competition schedule.