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Intramurals & Club Sports

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  • Welcome to MSUM Intramurals and Club Sports!

    Intramurals and Club Sports are a way for students, faculty, and staff to participate in recreational and competitive activities. Many sport leagues are offered with varying skill levels to fit the competitive needs of all our students. We also offer recreational activities and special events that allow students to participate without registration.

    A variety of sports are offered in three different sessions throughout the year. Students can participate in different sports and on different teams in each session. There is no limit as to how many sports a student can play each session. Examples of sports that we offer are: Basketball (men's, women's, co-rec), Volleyball (co-rec), Soccer (co-rec), Sand Volleyball (co-rec), Badminton (co-rec), Flag Football (co-rec), Ultimate Frisbee (co-rec), and many more.

    MSU Moorhead offers a variety of club sports supported by the Office of Student Activities (OSA).

    Club sports are a great way to stay active and healthy and to meet new people on campus with similar interests. Club sports encourage team-building and physical health, which make them some of the most rewarding clubs to participate in at MSUM. Club sports teams often travel to play opposing schools in duels and tournaments. However, each club sport member can choose their level of commitment to maintain their studies and other extracurricular involvement.

    All club sports are open to every MSUM undergraduate and graduate student. Each is funded through student activities funds, which are included in tuition fees and allotted to student organizations by the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC).

    To see the IMLeagues and Club Sports latest schedules go to

    If a student wants to join your organization, what should they do? Register at

    Check out our Facebook Page at MSUM Intramurals, Twitter @msumintramurals, Instagram @msumintramurals, or Dragon Central at for more information!