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  • Friendship Family Program

International Student Services

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  • Friendship Family Program

    Friendship Family Program is an opportunity for international students to experience American life by creating an extended family through bringing the members together through communication, daily activities, outings, sports, etc. It is also an opportunity for Americans to have cross-cultural experiences and learn about different countries and cultures. The objective is for international students to see a typical U.S. home. Students do not stay within the home, but participate in activities and outings.  

    Why have the Friendship Family Program?

    International students come from a distance and do not have easy access to their family or this kind of family in the U.S. The Friendship Family Program helps provide different roles, personalities, strengths, etc, that provide an interesting and helpful environment for student. They can share ideas with each other and work as a team to be more helpful. If there are children in the home, if may help to relieve tension and also provide another cultural experience for international students. This family provides a nurturing role in a natural way that may help make life in this new culture less stressful.

    Who can participate?

    This program is open to all interested international students, University Faculty, University Staff and Fargo-Moorhead area community residents. We also encourage members from smaller surrounding communities to participate!  

    What are the student's responsibilities?

    • Complete a "Friendship Family Program Student Application"
    • Attend MSUM at least one academic year-after signing up
    • Participate in events and meetings conducted by International Student Services for the Friendship Family Program
    • Participate in family-invited activities and events
    • Ready to explain and teach your culture
    • Be open-minded

    What are the family's responsibilities?

    • Complete the "Friendship Family Program Family Application"
    • Attend the first International Student Services Family Friendship Program Picnic. Families will be introduced to their students at this potluck picnic.
    • Host the international student a minimum of two times per semester
    • Attend events celebrating the students' nationality or events that student invites you to attend
    • Support the students' life, activities, accomplishments, etc\
    • Families are NOT responsible for students' student bills, loans, living situations, etc. 

    Sample Events & Activities

    Student-Related Activities

    • Celebration of Nations
    • Any event that your nationality group is presenting
    • Academic conference presentations
    • Sash Ceremony
    • Graduation
    • Birthday parties
    • Cookouts with your friends

    Friendship Family-Related Activities 

    • Thanksgiving dinner
    • Christmas dinner
    • Your children's baseball games, football games, hockey games, gymnastics events, dance competitions, plays
    • Family gatherings
    • Birthday parties
    • Weddings
    • Children's graduation
    • Camping
    • Trips

    Friendship Family Related Forms

    Please e-mail for more information.