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    As international students who required an I-20 immigration form must be able to provide current financial affidavit and a bank statement indicating that they have the necessary funds to finance the costs associated with his or her education at Minnesota State University Moorhead. The student will need the I-20 form for their F-1 student visa interview.

    International students who plan to join as exchange students must provide the sufficient funding documents according to their program if they wish to study at Minnesota State University Moorhead before the required DS-2019 form can be issued by the university. The student will need the DS-2019 form for their J-1 student visa interview.  For more information for your costs please contact the appropriate program advisor.

    The automatic scholarship is included in the below figures. The scholarship reduces the tuition to $4070 without the scholarship the tuition will increase to $8140. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and contribute 10 volunteer hours to MSUM and/or Fargo Moorhead community in order to receive the scholarship beyond the first semester.  The figures below are based on receiving the scholarship throughout the year.

    Please note: Starting Fall 2015 all New Entering Freshman students are required to live on-campus. If you are 21 years or older or if you have already transferred 24 U.S. College credits you are not required to live on-campus. All other students are required to live on-campus.

    Fall Semester 2016

    Tuition and Fees 12-19 credits $4,300
    Room & Board On-Campus $3,896
    Health Insurance for Full Year $1,356.
    International Student Fe $100
    Books & Supplies $ 650 
    Total $10,302

    * Estimated charges. The actual amount will be finalized by May 2016.

    Spring Semester 2016

    Tuition and Fees 12-19 credits $4,300
    Room & Board On-Campus $3,896
    Health Insurance for Full Year 0
    International Student Fee $100
    Books & Supplies $ 650 
    Total $8,946
    Year Total


    • Students will have living expenses during the summer that will range from $2,500 - $3,000.
    • Living expenses listed above are for a double room with unlimited meals per week.
    • Early move-in to dorms (for orientation, sporting events, etc.) will cost $15/day until the start date of housing contract. This does not include meals. Student is responsible for meals until meal plan start date. Average estimate for extra days for orientation, sporting events, etc. is $120 - $150.
    • Students arriving in the U.S. for the first time: you cannot arrive earlier than 30 days prior to the "start date" listed on your immigration document.
    • Include an extra $100-$200 amount for "program based fees". These costs depend on the courses you take.
    • Minnesota State University Moorhead is controlled by the State University Board; all costs are subject to change as a result of decisions made by the Board or Federal and State Legislative action.