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    WikiSpaces is being phased out. Please contact us to explore other technologies for your Wiki needs.


    Wikispaces is MSUM's wiki platform. A wiki is a space on the Web developed collaboratively by a community of users. Wikis allow multiple people to add and edit content, and require very little technical expertise. You can share text, pictures, links, videos, and other media through a wiki.

  • Logging into WikiSpaces

    1. Go to the WikiSpaces login page
    2. Select StarID from the "Sign In Using" drop-down menu.
    3. Enter your StarID user name in the "Username" field.
    4. Enter your StarID password in the "Password" field.
    5. Click [Sign In].
  • Editing

    Need help Editing Wikis in Wikispaces? View this tutorial for some quick help.



    The Wikispaces dashboard shows your favorite Wikis, a preview of your inbox, and shows change monitoring of your wikis.

    To learn more about the Dashboard, read our tutorial.

    Dashboard Tutorial


    View the Member Page tutorial to learn how to use and edit your Wikispaces Member Page.

     Members Page

    Page Navigation

    Learn the Wikispaces page layout and how to use it.

     Page Navigation 


    View how to use the Messages feature in Wikispaces with the Messages Tutorial.


  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard is where you can view your favorite wikis, a preview of your inbox, and topic monitoring. View our Dashboard tutorial to learn more.


     Editing Wikis

    Add pictures, videos, and more with ease using the HTML Editor. To learn how to edit a wiki page, view our tutorial.



    Sending and Receiving messages in Wikispaces is easy. To learn more, view the messages tutorial.


    Page Navigation

    To learn how to navigate through Wikispaces with ease, read our tutorial.



    To learn how to view and change settings in Wikispaces, view our tutorial.