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    Panopto is a lecture capture application that provides faculty a way to capture, edit, stream, archive and share recordings that are critical to their course content.

    Some of the features available in Panopto include:

    • PC and Macintosh-compatible recorders (faculty only).
    • Recordings can capture streaming video, audio, PowerPoint (or Keynote on Mac) and desktop activity.
    • Video is stored on the Panopto streaming server for easy access.
    • Instructor can create direct links within the course on D2L Brightspace, send via e-mail, or publish to the instructor's web site.
    • Students can view from any location with internet access.
    • Students do not need a Panopto account or user password to view videos on Panopto.

    Logging into Panopto (Faculty ONLY)

    Panopto Server (Manage Recordings)

    1. Go to the Panopto Server login page  
    2. Log in using: Select StarID from the drop-down menu.
    3. Username: Enter your StarID (e.g,. ab1234cd).
    4. Password: Enter your StarID password.
    5. Click [Log In].


     Panopto Recorder (Create Recordings)

    1. Open the Panopto Recorder from your desktop or application list.
    2. Server Address: If necessary, type
    3. Login: Type\ followed by your StarID (e.g.,\ab1234cd).
    4. Password: Enter your StarID password.
    5. Click [Log In].



  • Request a Panopto Account

    Use this form to request a Panopto account to record your course lectures:

    Note: Enter your StarID and password when prompted to open the form.


  • Getting Started with Panopto

    Complete the steps below to get started using Panopto (faculty only):

    Step 1. Request your Panopto Account

    Step 2. Access the Panopto Server

    Step 3. Installing Panopto on Mac and Windows PC

    • Installing Panopto on Mac and Windows PC (PDF how-to)



    To make your Panopto Videos more accessible for everyone to use, adding captions, PDFs, and transcripts will make your 


    Recording a Video

    To learn how to record a Panopto video and learn what quality options are best for you, click one of the tutorials below.


    Recording with Powerpoint/Keynote

    In Panopto, you can record a Powerpoint/Keynote presentation while capturing your voice along with it. View our tutorial to learn how.


    Editing Panopto Videos

    You can edit Panopto videos inside your browser window for a quick and easy way to modify your videos for your audience. To learn more, please view our editing tutorial videos.


    Sharing Videos

    With Panopto, it is easy to share your recorded videos. View the tutorials to see how.



    To learn how to troubleshoot problems with Panopto, please view our tutorial.


    Search, Notes, Bookmarks and Comments

    These features can make your class lectures more interactive and useful to students. The search feature is the only one that does NOT require students to log in using their StarID.


  •  Frequently Asked Questions

    To see a list of frequently asked questions, view our FAQ page.


     Viewing Requirements

    Panopto has a few system requirements for you to view videos. Read our viewing requirements guide to learn more.


     Viewing Panopto Videos

    To learn how to view Panopto video lectures and use all of Panopto's features, read our tutorial.


    Search, Notes, Bookmarks and Comments

    Have you ever wanted to search a lecture for a keyword or added notes when watching a recorded lecture? If your instructor uses Panopto, you can use these features to enhance your experience.