MSUM Voicemail Instructions & Information

Forgot your voice mail password? Contact remove the existing password so you can create a new one.

The default voice mail time is three minutes. You can increase it to ten minutes upon request.

PBX Call Pilot - Simple Steps

What is it?
A system that assigns each user a voice mailbox that can be used to store and retrieve phone messages.

How does it work?
A caller either reaches your mailbox because you have forwarded your calls to voice mail or dials into or is transferred to your mailbox via Express Messaging.

How do I get in the system?

  1. Call CallPilot:
    Internally (On-campus): dial 7000
    Externally (Off-campus): dial your own seven-digit phone number, once answered, enter 81, then follow the prompts.
  2. Enter your Mailbox number (only the last four numbers), then #. This will always be your extension number.
  3. Enter your password, then #. The first time only, enter 12 + your extension number #.

How do I set up my mailbox?
Once you are in the system:

  1. Press 84 to change your password.
    Listen to hear the instructions. You should change your password from your 6-digit password to a number you will easily remember, but that others will not guess. Do not use your phone number or simple combinations like 1234. This insures only you can access your mailbox. Your new password must be a minimum of 4 digits. When the system prompts you to enter your OLD PASSWORD, enter 12 + your extension number, #.
  2. Press 82 to record your greetings.
    Press 1 to record an external greeting.
    Press 3 to record a temporary greeting.
    Press 5 when you are ready to record.
    Press # to stop.

**These recordings should be done the first time you enter your mailbox. Do not record an internal greeting

How do I review my messages?

  1. Dial 7000 to get into the system.
  2. Enter your Mailbox number, then #.
  3. Enter your password, then #.
  4. To play your messages, press 2.
  5. To skip to the next message, press 6. To go to the previous message, press 4.
  6. To move backward 5 seconds, press 1. To go ahead 5 seconds, press 3.
  7. To send a copy of the message to someone else, press 73. Address the message, then press 79 to send it.
  8. To send a reply, press 71.
  9. To delete the message, press 76. All old messages will be automatically deleted in 14 days.
  10. To exit Meridian Mail, press 83 at anytime.
  11. Pres 81 to login to your mailbox.
  12. Press 72 to listen to the date/time stamp.
  13. While reviewing a message, press 9 to exit voice mail and call the sender.
  14. Press # to complete a step and/or to end a recording or skip a greeting.
  15. Press 85 to setup Distribution Lists.

How do I forward my calls to voice mail?

  1. Press *72 + 7000, to forward your calls directly to voicemail. This is for when you are away from your desk or on vacation. This way it won't ring at your desk, it will go directly to voicemail.
  2. Press *73, to get your calls back.

How do I create a custom operator?
A custom operator is set as the option to hit "0" for immediate assistance. This is usually the front desk number or the number where there is going to be a person there at all times.

  1. Dial into your mailbox.
  2. Listen to the greeting, press 8* for Mailbox Commands.
  3. Press 0, for Mailbox Options
  4. Press 1, for Custom Operator.
  5. Enter the four digit number you would like to designate as your operator, followed by the # sign.

How do I use express messaging?
To leave a message using Express Messaging:

  1. Dial 7001.
  2. You will hear "Express Messaging to Mailbox?"
  3. Dial the extension number of the person to receive the message and the # sign.
  4. You will hear the name assigned to the mailbox and then "Please leave a message following the Tone".
  5. Leave your message and then hang up.

How do I by-pass the greeting on another persons phone?
Press the # sign.

How do I setup my voicemail to go to my email?

Unified Messaging is connecting voicemail to email to set up unified messaging or to report problems, contact Information Technology at

How do I setup my email to receive my voicemail?