MSUM Telephone Instructions

Instructions for Using Your Nortel Meridian Digital Telephone

Place Calls

For internal calls, lift the receiver and dial the 4 digit extension number.
For external calls, lift the receiver and dial 9 + the number.


To transfer a call, press TRANS while connected to party 1. Party 1 will be put on hold automatically. Dial the 2nd party, and as soon as the phone starts to ring press CONNECT to send the call thru. (You may also remain on the line after dialing the 2nd party and announce the call to them, then press CONNECT).
The TRANS button will not appear unless you are on a phone call.


You may conference up to 6 parties. While connected to party 1, press CONF and dial the 2nd party. When they answer, press CONNECT to bring all parties together. To add additional parties, repeat the process.


To forward your phone to another, leave the handset down and press FORWARD. Dial the extension number to forward to. Press DONE or OK to complete. To cancel, press CHECK FW then CANCLFW then OK or EXIT button. (Depending on which telephone you have).
To forward to voice mail: Dial 7000 (Caller will not hear a ring but go directly to your voice mail).


To store one frequently dialed number per Autodial key, press Autodial and enter 9+ the number or a 4 digit extension to store. Press Autodial a second time.
To use lift the receiver for dial tone and press the Autodial button.
(Depending on the model of telephone you may need to press SHIFT to see the autodial buttons.)


Park allows you to put a call on hold in the system, so that it may be retrieved from any other phone. To use: while on the phone call, press the PARK key. In the display window you will see a park number. Press the OK key and the call is now in the system. To retrieve the call from any phone in the building, pick up the receiver and dial the park number.


To retrieve voice mail messages from your phone, pick up the receiver and press the MESSAGE key. Proceed with voice mail log-on.

Last No. Redial

With handset off hook, press extension key once.
With handset on hook, press extension key twice.


To pickup another ringing telephone that is in your pickup group, lift the receiver and press PICKUP key.

System Speed

To access the system speed list, lift the receiver and dial ________ followed by the appropriate code for the location you wish to reach.

Speed Dial

To store # do not lift the handset. Press the SCCNTL key and dial the 2 digit code. Dial the number to store (9+ the number for external calls)