MSUM Telephone Equipment

How to Purchase Telephones (Models/Features/Cost)

The University's contract with Diversified Networks includes the use of Nortel digital phone equipment. You can request purchasing a new digital phone by emailing If you decide to use analog phones, you can buy them from an outside vendor such as Office Max, Radio Shack, etc.

Tip for analog phone purchase: Consider purchasing analog phones with a voice mail indicator light. Otherwise, you will hear a clicking noise when you lift the receiver notifying you of voice mail messages. Our phone tech will need to activate the light feature before you use the phone.

Features: You decide what features you would like installed on your phone. Voice mail, message waiting, and unified messaging (connecting voice mail to email) are available for both analog and digital phones at no additional cost. You may also select from the list of additional features below. To set up unified messaging, contact Information Technology.

There are three Nortel Meridian digital models available for purchase: M3902, M3903, and M3904.

Selecting Additional Features for Digital Phones

The features listed below must be activated by the PBX technician. Please request them when you purchase your phone. Email your preferences to Not all features listed in the Phone Reference guide you received with your Nortel phone are available.

A note about Call Log

M3903 and M3904 contain a Call Log, which records the name and number of incoming and outgoing calls. M3903 Call Log list holds up to 10 entries for incoming calls in the Callers List and 5 entries for outgoing calls in the Redial List. M3904 Call Log list holds up to 100 entries for incoming calls in the Callers List and 20 entries for outgoing calls in the Redial List.

Additional Features:

Call Forward

Allows you to direct your calls to ring at another line. This is useful if you need someone else to answer incoming calls while you're absent, rather than directing them to voicemail.

Call Pickup

Allows you to pick up a call from any telephone in the same Pickup Group. The Pickup Group must be established prior to activating this feature. For example, everyone in a reception area might need to be able to answer all phones. To establish a call pickup group email the extensions you want included to


Allows you to set up a conference call for up to six people (including yourself). You will be able to press a conference key while you are on a call and add other callers to your conversation. This feature might be utilized in an interview situation or for a conference call with other colleagues.

Call Waiting

Allows you to put current call on hold while you answer an incoming call. Otherwise, the incoming call will go to voicemail.

Auto Dial

Allows you to dial one specific telephone number automatically. Keep in mind that if you use a line for this purpose, you can't use it for any of the other features above. Note: M3904 can accommodate 10 auto dial lines, in addition to the six features that can be added.

Conference Calls and Speakerphone Checkout

The IT Help Desk has three speakerphones available for checkout to University offices. Please email to request a speakerphone.

If you have a Nortel digital phone, you may conference up to 6 parties. While connected to party 1, press CONF and dial the 2nd party. When they answer, press CONNECT to bring all parties together. To add additional parties, repeat the process.

For calls involving more than 6 parties, 702 Communications will help you set up the call. REQUIRES 48 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE.